I am trying to identify the source of the sloka. I came across this sloka while listening to a lecture:

tavam vastu nushmshi gamdyi gavo bhuri sringa ayasa

तावां वस्तु नुष्म्षि गम्द्यि यत्र गावो भूरि शृङ्ग अयासा

In the lecture, it was mentioned it's from Rigveda but I tried searching online and couldn't find, can anyone suggest how to find the original verse, maybe my transliteration from audio to text isn't correct, hence I can't find it online.

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Yes indeed this shloka is from Rig Veda 1.154.6

ता वां॒ वास्तू॑न्युश्मसि॒ गम॑ध्यै॒ यत्र॒ गावो॒ भूरि॑शृङ्गा अ॒यास॑:। अत्राह॒ तदु॑रुगा॒यस्य॒ वृष्ण॑: पर॒मं प॒दमव॑ भाति॒ भूरि॑ ॥


We pary (to Viṣṇu) that you may both go to those regions where the many-pointed and wide-spreading rays (of light expand); for here the supreme station of the many-hymned, the showerer (of benefits), shines (with) great (splendour)


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