If there is anyone who is doing Durga Sadhana could you please share some info. Is there any mantra that needs to be recited daily? I find reciting 32 names of Durga Devi stotram is one approach. but I am keen on knowing if there are any mantras to do Sadhana because mantras can be done anywhere and I personally feel it is easy for me to start.

Please help. Thanks

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    In Hinduism sadhana is done under a Guru and it starts with Diksha .. for uninitiates the best method is to do nama japa or Stotra recital. If you do this sncerely and with devotion for few days Goddess Durga will herself show you the next step .. you can recite Durga Stava Raja daily maintaining purity
    – Rickross
    Nov 18, 2023 at 5:59
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    Welcome to HSE! This looks like a personal advice question which is off topic here, hence your question shall be closed. To learn more, Feel free to take a tour of the site before getting started.
    – TheLittleNaruto
    Nov 19, 2023 at 13:18
  • do you have the reference of durga 32 names? from which scripture? Mar 15 at 10:09


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