If a woman remains unmarried all her life...

  • Is she sent to Hell?
  • Who is considered the sinner? She, her father, or someone else?
  • If she is sent to Heaven, then on what grounds? She did not even fulfilled her Pativrata dharma. Her primary dharma in life is only Pativrata dharma and she did not fulfill it then how she goes to heaven? Also there is no example of a Unmarried woman in scriptures. Even Mirabai and Radhaji were asked to get married by Lord himself.

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There's no question of going to hell merely due to not getting married. There're no such repercussions. Young women can be taken advantage of in the society by uncultured men which is why the scriptures prescribe marriage as a solution.

However, determined brahmacharinis can practice spirituality and attain self-realization just like the male bodied sadhakas. There have been numerous women-saints in the history of Bharat varsha.

An example is Andal of the Sri Sampradaya who only wanted to marry Lord Ranganatha and composed divine hymns such as the Thiruppavai which are sung in South India even today. Another is of a princess named Saci-devi of East Bengal who later came to be known as Gangamata Goswamini.

Here's an excerpt from a lecture by a Sanyasi (among many others) who strongly encouraged serious spiritual aspirants including women to remain unmarried to focus on spiritual consciousness.

All the ladies should try to be like Gangamata Thakurani. She never even dreamed of marrying any worldly person. I have come to help you to become a devotee like this. The world is like a fire, a burning forest fire. We have seen such a big fire in Florida. It burned for miles, and the government could not do anything. The burning forest fire of material existence is greater than this. We are in that fire, and we can never be saved as long as we are in material consciousness. If someone puts ghee in the fire, what will happen? It will become bigger.

Don't waste your time. Remain in your positions, and if you are married, that is okay. If you are not married, if you are renounced, that is okay. If you are not renounced, that is okay. But hear hari-katha wherever you are and in whatever position you are. Offer pranama to that place where hari-katha is being spoken. Offer pranama to the organisers, and offer sastang-pranama to the speaker and to the whole audience. Then, very soon you will have sadhana-bhakti, bhava-bhakti and prema-bhakti. Try to realize all these things. These are truths.

SB 1.5.17 states:

त्यक्त्वा स्वधर्मं चरणाम्बुजं हरे- र्भजन्नपक्‍वोऽथ पतेत्ततो यदि । यत्र क्‍व वाभद्रमभूदमुष्य किं को वार्थ आप्तोऽभजतां स्वधर्मत:

One who has forsaken his material occupations to engage in the devotional service of the Lord may sometimes fall down while in an immature stage, yet there is no danger of his being unsuccessful. On the other hand, a nondevotee, though fully engaged in occupational duties, does not gain anything.

SB 11.5.41:

देवर्षिभूताप्तनृणां पितृणां न किङ्करो नायमृणी च राजन् । सर्वात्मना य: शरणं शरण्यं गतो मुकुन्दं परिहृत्य कर्तम् ॥

O King, one who has given up all material duties and has taken full shelter of the lotus feet of Mukunda, who offers shelter to all, is not indebted to the demigods, great sages, ordinary living beings, relatives, friends, mankind or even one’s forefathers who have passed away. Since all such classes of living entities are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, one who has surrendered to the Lord’s service has no need to serve such persons separately.



Unmarried women as such never go to Hell. A woman birth is always sacred. There are no such examples in Scriptures. But, there is a problem for female born from ages till present millenium.

KULAKSHAYAM : Unmarried women when attacked by invaders or captured by wars have to undergo a "slavery of sins" due to tyranny from overpowering groups for desire, greed of expansion of territory and slave subordinates.

Due to this reason, females were either forced into marriages(good path if proper rule in territory) or irresponsibilty (enslaved for desire if tertitory invaded). They were helpless.

Females are attractive in humans than males due to which both invasion sins and joy of rule impacts them to greater extent. Those males who did these sins may definitely reach Hell but not females as such. May be their offsprings can reach hell.

Examples: Sisupaalaa's parents were good, but Sisupaalaa reached hell for always abusing God's glorious names for his personal mental pain.

  • But why will she be sent to Heaven if she did not even follower her Pativrata dharma as she doesn't even have husband? And there is no example of a Unmarried woman in scriptures. Even Mirabai and Radhaji were asked to get married by Lord himself. Commented Dec 3, 2023 at 15:52

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