What does this verse mean ? Also specify the exact location of the verse?

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Well this verse is present in both Śrī Liṅga Mahāpurāṅam and Śrī Saura Purāṅam.

🌼 From Shri Linga Mahapurana :

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अन्यभक्तसहस्रेभ्यो विष्णुभक्तो विशिष्यते ॥ विष्णुभक्तसहखेभ्यो रुद्रभक्तो विशिष्यते। रुद्रभक्कात्परतरो नास्ति लोके न संशयः ॥

~ Linga Purana, 2.4.19b-20

A devotee of Viṣṇu greater than thousands of other devotees. A devotee of Rudra is far better than thousands of devotees of Viṣṇu. There is certainly no one greater than the devotee of Rudra in this world .

🌼 From Sri Saura Purana :

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सूर्यवह्नीन्दुभक्तानामुत्तमो वैष्णवः परः ॥ वैष्णवानां सहस्रेभ्यः शिवभक्तो विशिष्यते ।

~ Sri Saura Purana, 11.8b-9a

The worshiper of Vishnu is superior to the worshipers of Surya, Agni and Chandra. A Shiva devotee is greater thousands of Vishnu devotee.

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