what does the shloka mean

yugapad jñānā utpatti manaso liṅgam

युगपत ज्ञाना उत्पत्ति मनसो लिंगम

meaning of each words:

  • युगपत (Yugapat): Simultaneously or together.
  • ज्ञाना (Jnana): Knowledge or wisdom.
  • उत्पत्ति (Utpatti): Origin or emergence.
  • मनसो (Manaso): Of the mind.
  • लिंगम (Lingam): Symbol or characteristic.

I am not able to come up with an overall meaning for this?

any help is appreciated

  • Simultaneous knowledge is the characteristics of the mind
    – User 29449
    Jan 6 at 12:50


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