Related to the other question I posted about what comes after human life.

Just wondering what are the requirements to be born as dakini/shakini or as a yogini or yakshini ?

What makes someone born in that yoni ?

The chausath yogini are considered directly beneath Kali/Durga and the dakini shakini beings are always shown as being with Kali.

So assuming a benevolent nature, seems like a good birth for someone who is a devotee of Devi ?

  • In the realms of tantra, these are human subtle body only. After death what one becomes - ghost, pisacha, yaksha, vetal, etc. depends largely on chakras, nadis and their activation/balancing after death. If you wish to know the puranic answer, please do specify, otherwise I'll skip over technical terms.
    – user29449
    Jan 7 at 5:38
  • @AbhasKumarSinha Thanks ! Curious to know both the puranic answer and the more technical answer, for this. Some of these beings (yogini and yakshini type) seem to be able to take human form when they want. Jan 7 at 6:02
  • That depends on what you want to achieve. In the usual sense, they don't need to appear in your eyes to exist. For example - Karnapisachini Sadhana (yakshas) is a very tamasic sadhana where these entities don't necessarily appear before you, but your ears would start buzzing by themselves. They don't necessarily appear, most of the time can be dismissed as Hallucinations.
    – user29449
    Jan 7 at 6:16
  • Ghosts are not able to take human bodies, they just take mind-made bodies. The mind-made body has nothing to do with physical ones. That's why you don't see physical nude ghosts, but wearing clothes over them.
    – user29449
    Jan 7 at 6:17
  • @User29449 Thank you Jan 7 at 16:21


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