In Satyug the animals get along with each other and play together, no enemies, as says Skand Puran Chapter 17.

So lions and tigers, cheetah, jaguar, what are they eating ?

Cause in Kaliyug they hunt deer and eat them. Mountain lions break into farm in rural places and eat chickens and goats also, etc

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कृते त्वस्थि गताः प्राणास्त्रेतायां मांसमाश्रिताः द्वापरे रुधिरं चैव कलौ त्वन्नादिषु स्थिताः ३२ -Paraashara Dharma Shastra 1.32

The Praana resides in the bones in Krita, exists in the flesh in Treta, in the blood in Dvaapara and resides in food and external objects in the Kali.

So, presumably, those tigers didn't need to eat anything at all. Neither did humans. It makes sense once you consider how people did Tapasyaa for thousands of years, supposedly, continuously. Did they not eat and drink? Yep, they didn't because they didn't need to.

  • I see, thanks so much ! Jan 9 at 18:06
  • that doesn't make sense - without food the bones cannot grow to being with. what it probably means is that they can go much longer without eating - e.g. in kali once food is digested the body is unable to extract energy just from blood. in dwapara, once blood is low, body is unable to extract energy from flesh.. similarly treta-flesh, krita-bones.
    – ram
    Jan 9 at 18:31
  • Could you pleas do me (and others) a favor and either explain your words in a way english-only speakers can understand, or, even better link some translation/explanation site? Not Praana nor Krita neither Treta gets sensible hits on wikipedia in this context. Jan 9 at 18:48
  • @mar Praana is the force that motivates 'change'. If the Praana is in the bones, there's no need for 'change' (such as movement, respiration or thinking) to occur via food because the source of Praana is already in the body, without eating. Of course, growth of body would still require input of Bhu tattva, we know that in Krita, people had stomachs, so that served a use. As for your theory, where would the 'energy' in blood come from? from food, no? so how can Praana be situated in the blood or others? You're suggesting that the source is food in all Yugas, which I don't think is correct. Jan 9 at 18:54
  • @GyroGearloose These are quite basic terms. Praana cannot really be translated without losing the majority of the meaning, so I haven't done so. As for Krita (aka Satya) and others, they're simply the names of the 4 Yugas, that I assume everyone knows about, at this point. I recommend you look up 'Wisdom-library' for basic explanations of all these terms, thanks. Jan 9 at 18:58

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