" gods" what is the most striking, conspicious and visible proof of the presence of God?

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    Jokes apart. External gods are often impossible to prove. Also, only a few darshanas (or philosophies) do prescribe that. There are 'godless' interpretations of Vedanta to deal with it. Some of them are extended to tantras too. Go through this answer, I answered earlier: hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/57803/29449
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  • @User29449 ,None of the vendanta sampradaya had ever given a Godless interpretation. (this Paramarthika idea should not be mixed up across the other orders of reality). Gita says Godless interpretation is an asuric notion , 16.8 The world is without Absolute Truth, without any basis (for moral order), and without a God (who has created or is controlling it). It is created from the combination of the two sexes, and has no purpose other than desire gratification
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  • @Athrey Read my reply carefully, externally godless, you need to fix your basics - Go and read mahavakyas, the supreme brahman is sakshi.
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A fragment of Virat Swaroop of God, to an extent one can see of, whatever is around the individual, is the most striking, conspicious and visible proof of the presence of God

But one should rise beyond what is obvious to truly experience the presence of God.

(To draw an analogy) say to a calling bell(electrical).., only the mechanics portion (ie. the clapper hitting the gong / noise) is conspicuous., contrasted to it's cause the electromagnetic force/field .In the same way, the energy fields causing the movement of whatever is conspicuous, aren't conspicuous by themselves , they can only be known through the visible(conspicuous ) effects they produce.

If one considers only the fragmental portion of truth (conspicuous in nature)to be holistic in itself , Gita says such a knowledge (jnana) that has occured is Tamasik Jnana

That knowledge is said to be in the mode of ignorance where one is engrossed in a fragmental concept as if it encompasses the whole, and which is neither grounded in reason nor based on the truth.(Swami Mukundananda) Gita 18.22

The truths of religion, as God and Soul, cannot be perceived by the external senses. I cannot see God with my eyes, nor can I touch Him with my hands, and we also know that neither can we reason beyond the senses.We may reason all our lives, as the world has been doing for thousands of years, and the result is that we find we are incompetent to prove or disprove the facts of religion. Man has in him the faculty, the power, of transcending his intellect even, and that power is in every being. By the practice of Yoga that power is aroused, and then man transcends the ordinary limits of reason, and directly perceives things which are beyond all reason.(Swami Vivekananda)

It is only when bhakti translates into Para bhakti , tattvam/ truth of the God is known .

bhaktyā mām abhijānāti yāvān yaśh chāsmi tattvataḥ tato māṁ tattvato jñātvā viśhate tad-anantaram
Only by loving devotion to Me does one come to know who I am in Truth. Then, having come to know Me, My devotee enters into full consciousness of Me( BG 18.55)

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