Did Ram conquered whole of Aryavrata ? Did he become Chakravarti Samrat ?

Did the rule over all over Aryavrata or only Kosala Janpad ?

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Rama conducted 10 Ashwamedha Yagas. This means all the kings of India were subjucated and under his rule. So Lord Rama was chakravartin.

Reigning for ten thousand years, he offered up ten horse sacrifices, distributing immense wealth in charity, and Rama, whose arms reached to his knees, the powerful elder brother of Lakshmana, ruled the earth in glory and performed many sacrifices with his sons, brothers and kinsfolk.

Chapter 128, Yuddha kanda, Valmiki Ramayana.

Having dwelt, in the observance of severe penances, for four and ten years in the woods, Rama performed ten Horse-sacrifices of great splendour and to them the freest access was given to all. Possessed of youth, of a dark complexion, with red eyes, he looked like the leader of an elephantine herd. With aims stretching down to his knees and of handsome face, his shoulders were like those of a lion and the might of his arms great. Ascending upon the throne of Ayodhya, he ruled for ten thousand and ten hundred years.”

Section XXIX, Rajadharmanusasana Parva, Mahabharata.

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