What is the etymology of the name Vidura? Is there a verse that in the Mahabharata that indicates the meaning of his name and how it arose?


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Assuming you mean Vidura (विदुर), the etymology is derived as vid-kurac (lit. “wise” or “intelligent”) using Panini’s rule 3.2.162:

vidibhidicchideḥ kurac

The affix kurac comes in the sense of 'agent having such a habit etc.' after the verbs 1. vid 'to know' 2. bhid 'to divide' 3. chid 'to pierce'.

As viduraḥ paṇḍitaḥ 'a knowing Pandit'; bhiduraṃ kāṣṭam 'a splitting or fragile wood'; chidurā rajjuḥ 'a cutting or breaking rope'. The affix is employed in a reflexive sense after the verbs bhida and chida.

Vart:- The affix kurac comes after the verb vyadha 'to kill'; and there is vocalisation of the semivowel; as vidhuraḥ |


  • Is there any verse in the Mahabharata or other text that explains the origin of his name?
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