How should we do bhakti of god ? Should we continously keep chanting the name of god in whatever free time we have ?

In what way bhakti of god should be pursued ?

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I have given below some tips from Srimad Bhagavata Purana.

Prahlada’s nine points of devotion

Hearing about Vishnu, singing about Him, remembering Him, serving Him, saluting Him, being His servant, being His comrade, and surrendering oneself and everything that is one’s own to Him – these are the nine aspects of Bhakti or God-love. If man could be trained to practice devotion characterized by these nine features that indeed would be the highest education he could have.

Srimad Bhagavata Purana VII.5.23-24

Serving Others with love

I abide in all beings as their inner-most soul. Disregarding My presence within them, men make a show of worshiping Me through images. If one disregards Me present in all as their soul and Lord but ignorantly offers worship only to images, such worship is as ineffective as a sacrificial offering made in ashes. A man who persecutes Me residing in others, who is proud and haughty, who looks upon God as the other – such a person will never attain to peace of mind. If a man disregards and persecutes fellow beings, but worships Me in images with numerous rituals and rich offerings, I am not at all pleased with him for proffering such worship. A man should, however, worship Me in images, side by side with discharging his duties, which include the love of all beings, until he actually realizes My presence in in himself and in all beings. As long as man is self-centered and makes an absolute distinction between himself and others (without recognising the unity of all in Me, the Inner Pervader), he will be subject to the great fear of Death (including every form of deprivation of self-interest). So, overcoming the separateness of a self-centered life, one should serve all beings with gifts, honor and love, recognizing that such service is really being rendered to Me who reside in all beings as their innermost soul.

Srimad Bhagavata Purana III.29.21-27

Definition of Bhakti

When all the powers of man’s senses, which are ordinarily frittered away through external contacts, are purified through devotional practices and dedicated action, and they get naturally focused on Isvara (Sattva) exclusively, without any extraneous and self-centered motivation, and with a firmness which an obstruction can overpower – that state of mind is called Bhakti, or the highest form of devotion for the Lord. Such devotion is superior even to Mukti. It burns up the covering of ignorance in a person just as fire burns up objects put into it. Some endowed with such Bhakti do not aspire for Moksha or even oneness with My being.; for their delight consists in serving Me and in working out My will. They therefore congregate together and honor Me by adoration and participation in My works.

Srimad Bhagavata Purana III.25.32-34

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