Here it is written that god pervades in all. So, Does this mean wrong and evil things are also done by god ?

It is also written that we should see god in everyone,so, Should we see god even in persons who are engaged in committing evil things.

  • God pervades all means, the basis of the existence of everything is God. All good, evil, ghosts, gods, everything is made up of god. Just as a bracelet, bangle, ring, all are made up of metal, irrespective of shape, similarly, all good, evil, ghosts, gods, right, wrong are made up of god.
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So, Does this mean wrong and evil things are also done by god ?

In A way, yes. Since All that is 'Good' and 'bad' are vibhutis of God only.

द्यूतं छलयतामस्मि तेजस्तेजस्विनामहम् | जयोऽस्मि व्यवसायोऽस्मि सत्त्वं सत्त्ववतामहम् || 36||

I am the gambling of the cheats and the splendor of the splendid. I am the victory of the victorious, the resolve of the resolute, and the virtue of the virtuous.

~ BhagavadGita 10.36

This is Why in the Sri Rudram of Yajur veda, we find God being glorified even through thieves, plunderers, robbers thus signifying his omnipresence.

21. Homage to the cheat, to the arch-deceiver, to the Lord of stealers homage! Homage to the wearer of sword and quiver, to the Lord of robbers homage! Homage to the boltarmed homicides, to the Lord of pilferers homage! Homage to the sword-bearers, to those who roam at night, to the Lord of plunderers homage!

22. To the turban-wearing haunter of mountains, Lord of land-grabbers homage! Homage to you who bear arrows and to you who carry bows. Homage to you with bent bows, and to you who adjust your arrows, to you who draw the bow and to you who shoot be homage!

Sri Rudram, Sukla Yajurveda, Vâjasanayi-Samhitâ, Book 16

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