I came across a website which said the following quote is from the Bhavishya-Purana.

“In another country a prophet will come along with his companions. His name will be Muhammad and he will appear in a desert country.”

I have looked through the Bhavisya Purana and though I have found the more well known but about Mahamada (where he performs illusions and is killed etc) I couldn't find this quote.

Though I highly doubt it is genuine, I would like to know if it is actually a genuine quote, and if I missed anything.

  • Bhavisya purana was written after Islam was born. I won't be surprised if such is written along it.
    – User 29449
    Feb 10 at 15:46

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  1. Bhavishya Purana calls Muhammad as the rebirth of demon Tripurasura who deludes people with illusions -

"There, with the order of Bali dayitya, the great illusionist Tripuraasur got rebirth, whom I have been destroyed, turned him into ashes. His inner reality is, he got his rebirth to flourish his greatness and spread dynasty of Daityas. His name is ' Mahaamada ', who is always fond of doing pisacha like works. Therefore Rajan, please don't stay in this place of paishacha (land of Pathaans), by my grace you will be pure."

  1. Kalidasa killed him with the blessing of Devi Bhagavati -

"By that time, Kalidasa got the knowledge of his maya and being red in anger said to Mahaamada:-"Wicked you are! You are deluding king in illusion that is your illusion which is not true, therefore I will kill you sinner, the most wretched person of Vahika. saying this the Brahman (Kalidasa) started reciting navaarn (navakshari) mantra. He recited it ten thousand times. Being pleased with Kalidasa, Devi gave powerful energy into Kalidasa's body and every tenth part of his recitation, the enormous energy came out through his body obliterating each and every parts of the body of Vahika purusha into fire. He when fully turned into ashes, became god of the Mlecchas."

Chapter 3, Pratisarga Khanda, Bhavishya Purana.


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