An User in his comment says the following.:

yes. Vishnu = owner. brahma = ceo. shiva = coo. indra = MD. vayu, agni, varuna, yama, kubera = VPs. all are posts except Vishnu. each manvantara or kalpa or pralaya, new jivatmas get promoted into these posts. e.g. indra rules for 14 manvantaras, after that Mahabali becomes next indra. shiva rules for 1 pralaya after that ashvatthama becomes next shiva. hanuman is next brahma. so on.. – ram

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So, does this statement about Ashwatthama, marked in bold have any scriptural reference.?

Cz this is the second time i am hearing this statement from the same user. Last time he didn't answer when i asked him the source and this i don't know if he has seen my comment or not so asking this question. If anyone knows anything about it. AFAIK, Ashwatthama will be the next Vyasa and will among Sapta Rishis along with Krishna Dwaipayana and Parshurama in next Kalpa.

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Well, it's been almost 2 months but i haven't got any answer yet. So, i guess i have to answer my own question to the best if my knowledge.

Future of Ashwatthama, according to the scriptures.:

  • 1st as one of the Sapta Rishis.:

Vishnu Puran 3.2.:

Parāśara said:—


15-19. In the period in which Sāvarṇi shall be the Manu, the classes of the gods will be Sutapas, Amitābhas, and Mukhyas; twenty-one of each. The seven Ṛṣis will be Dīptimat, Gālava, Rāma, Kripa, Drauṇi (Aśvatthāmā, the son of Droṇa); my son Vyāsa will be the sixth, and the seventh will be Ṛṣyasriṅga. The Indra will be Bali, the sinless son of Virocana, who through the favour of Viṣṇu is actually sovereign of part of Pātāla. The royal progeny of Sāvarṇi will be Virajas, Arvarīvas, Nirmoha, and others.

  • 2nd as the next Veda Vyasa in the next Dwapar Yuga.

Vishnu Purana 3.3.:

Parāśara said:—


  1. In the next Dvāpara, Drauṇi (the son of Droṇa) will be the Vyāsa, when my son, the Muni Kṛṣṇa Dwaipāyana, who is the actual Vyāsa, shall cease to be (in that character).

Now, As for being the Post.

Well if we are talking about posts then, Yes, Rudra is a post, infact except Bhagawan Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, etc all are posts only.

Shiva Purana 7.2.33.:

7-8. Brahmā attained his Brahmāhood, Viṣṇu his Viṣṇuhood, Rudra his Rudrahood and Indra his Indrahood. It is by means of this rite that Gaṇeśa attained his Gaṇeśahood. The linga shall be bathed with white sandal water. Therein Śiva find Śivā shall be worshipped with full-blown white lotuses and bowed to.

Skanda Purana/Khanda. 8 (Ambika Khanda), Chapter 21.:

13-14. Pleased with Nandi’s devotion, Lord Shiva offers him boons.: Ask whether you want Brahmatva, Vishnutva, Indratva, or something else – Aditya or Rudra.

Mahābhārat — Anūśāsan Parva- Chapter —18 , Verse-64.:

Vasudeva said., "...If Rudra be gratified with a person, he can confer upon him the states of eIther Brahma or of Kesava or of Sakra with all the deities under him, or the sovereignty of the three worlds. Those men, O sire, who worship Bhava even mentally, succeed in freeing themselves from all sins and attain to a residence in heaven with all the gods..."

So, saying Ashwatthama is the next Shiva without any proper scriptural reference is like me saying Parshurama or Krishna Dwaipayana or infact i am the next Vishnu. Without, scriptural reference these are all just gossips and nothing more. Period..

|| Om Tat Sat ||

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