In the comment of this question, i have heard that there was a goddess called Rikshakarni, who was one of Astha Sakthis. I want to know more about this goddess,

So my question is, is there any other info (story or hymns) about this goddess?


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There are 8 śaktis (called aṣṭaka), which are sthita in Brahmāṇī - Akṣodyā, Ṛkṣakarṇī, Rākṣasī, Kṣapaṇā, Kṣayā, Piṅgākṣī, Akṣayā, & Kṣemā, as stated in Agni Purāṇa (146.19)

akṣodyā hyṛkṣakarṇī ca rākṣasī kṣapaṇakṣayā /
piṅgākṣī cākṣayā kṣemā brahmāṇyaṣṭakasaṃsthitāḥ //

In Vratakhaṇḍa (1) of Caturvargacintācintāmaṇi, Hemādri mentions the svarūpa of Ṛkṣakarṇī

ṛkṣakarṇī tu gaurāṅgo kamvutrāṇābhayāvahā /
dhanuḥ kapālabhṛtasaumye ṛkṣasthā tarjjanosthitā //

Ṛkṣakarṇī is in Guhyakālyāḥ sahasranāmastotram of Mahākāla saṁhitā (Guhyakāli khaṇḍa)

svarakarṇī ṛkṣakarṇī sūrpakarṇā balābalā /
mahānīleśvarī jātavetasī kokatuṇḍikā // (10.1979)

Apart from these sources, I am not aware of other mentions regarding her, as of now.
This Devī is very less known and many may not have even heard her name.

  • Hello Bingming, I saw you were discussing that there were alternations in Bhavisya Purana by Christian missionaries. Can you please write an answer for that here: hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/57550/…, given if you have reliable sources about alterations in the texts?
    – user29449
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  • Unfortunately, I am not really interested in this topic now. Sorry. But this would be related to what I was addressing stephen-knapp.com/jesus_predicted_in_the_vedic_literature.htm grahamhancock.com/phorum/read.php?1,138929,138929 @User29449
    – Bingming
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  • Okay, I'll check them.
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  • @User29449 second link is not from a reliable source, but the content shared is from the Purāṇa. It presents the Adam-Eve incident, which is messed up, it shouldn't appear in a Hindu śāstra.
    – Bingming
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  • I've been to Puri, I came to know the manuscripts of Bhavisya Purana that is in puri (original one) is only 2% revealed to the public and is far different from other manuscripts in the country. It is kept in secrecy.
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