In this chapter of Agni Purana, it is mentiones about Kartikeya's image:-

  1. (The image of) Skanda, the lord (of the universe) also known as Śākha and Viśākha, (is represented) as a boy possessing two arms and riding a peacock (with the images of) Sumukhī and Viḍālākṣī.

But, i was confused by Sumukhi & Vidalakshi with Devasena & Valli. So my question is:-

  • Who are Sumukhi & Vidalakshi and Is they same as Devasena & Valli?

  • What is their story & how they related to Lord Kartikeya?

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    As the name of the chapter suggests , it simply talks about how the Godess/God should be represented in a picture/sculpture (image form). Sumukhi and Bidalakshi must not mistaken for some seperate unknown deities, rather it should be interpreted as , consorts of Lord Subramanya should be represented in an image , as Good-faced(Su+mukhi) in the case of Godess Devasena, and (bidala+akshi cat eyed) while sculpting Godess Valli.
    – Athrey
    Mar 18 at 15:32


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