Does the answer differ with sāmpradaya? Are mlecchas initiated into a traditional sāmpradaya still considered mlecchas?

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    – Bingming
    Mar 18 at 19:39
  • I have heard from a madhwa on quora that a mleccha who had undergone tapta mudra dharana is considered a shudra. Is that true? @Bingming
    – amit
    Mar 19 at 16:29
  • Taptamudrādhāraṇā can be done by person of any jāti or liṅga. I am not aware of any source which mentions that the one who undergoes this ritual becomes a Śūdra.
    – Bingming
    Mar 19 at 17:08

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As per vedas, term "arya" applies only to brahmaNa, kshatriya & vaishya and shudra is differentiated from arya :

atharva veda iv.20.4. :

The thousand-eyed god shall put this plant into my right hand; with that do I see everyone, the Shudra as well as the Arya.

Kathaka Samhita xxxiv.5 :

The Shudra and the Arya quarrel about the skin. The gods and the demons quarrelled about the sun; the gods won it (the sun). (By this act of quarrelling with Shudras) the Arya makes the Arya Varna win, makes himself successful. The Arya shall be inside the .altar, the Shudra outside the altar. The skin shall be white, circular- the form of the sun.

Even anuloma & pratiloma are referred as sat-shudra & asat-shudra as per brahmavaivartapurANa-brahmakhanDa-ch10 & manu X.41

manu X.41 :

  1. Six sons, begotten (by Aryans) on women of equal and the next lower castes (Anantara), have the duties of twice-born men; but all those born in consequence of a violation (of the law) are, as regards their duties, equal to Sudras.

brahmavaivartapurANa-brahmakhanDa-ch10 : enter image description here

Those who are outside of above arya & shudra are referred as dasyu :

manu X 45 All those tribes in this world, which are excluded from (the community of) those born from the mouth, the arms, the thighs, and the feet (of Brahman), are called Dasyus, whether they speak the language of the mlecchas or that of the Aryans.

There is a provision for shudra (asat-shudra) to marry a mleccha (dasyu) :

32. A dasyu begets on an Ayogava (woman) a Sairandhra, who is skilled in adorning and attending (his master), who, (though) not a slave, lives like a slave, (or) subsists by snaring (animals).

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