Are there any legit available archived manuscripts of Bhairava Agamas that have been preserved?

It is well known that there were 64 of them, but a lot of them had been lost, Abhinavgupta, in his Tantraloka has compiled a few of them and cited that are usually read. But is any original of the few that have been left and translated into English?

[I know tantraloka has been translated to English.]

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I am unsure if this is an Agama, but it's a Bhairava and Tantric work. Here is the Manuscript: Namovadakāpa, feel free to search on the site and see if any other possible Agamic works fit with your answer.

  • It could be an aagama, also its just one. It should be like 64 in numbers.
    – user29449
    Apr 11 at 4:26
  • @User29449 I don't believe all are their, but since it could be one it may help! :)
    – Haridasa
    Apr 11 at 10:19

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