Is there any mantra / strota which make you fearless and give warrior like courage


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Aparajita Stotram from Devi Mahatyam of Markandeya purana

Mahishasura mardini stotram by sankaracharya


Along with description I am providing the mantra number and the source. You can pick the mantra you like and check its translation using any online conversion tool if needed.

The Vedas sing about Rudras/Maruts as infinite in numbers and immortal, free-spirited, fierce warriors, vehement and hero clan VS16.8-11. They hold the most powerful weapons VS16.14 including the famous bow called the PinakaTS4.5.5. They possessed tools, and riches, unparalleled to any3. Hymns proclaim that they are indestructible “ānirhatebhyo” KY4.5.9 and formidable who controls the army and a terrifying ruler who sits in the void of men AV18.1.40 as He is the vital force Prana BrhdUpa3.9.4, and there are none mightier than Rudras4 as they possess infinite-strength/omnipotent which the Vedas call “ananta-śuṣmāḥ” RV1.64.10. Rudras (rudrébhis or rudrésu) are the only Divinities in the Vedas to possess a multitude of precise and powerful weapons. Atharva Veda speaks of Rudra’s golden bows and weapons flying abroad like guided missiles in the direction he desires AV11.2.12. The only other Divinity who comes close to possessing multiple weapons is Indra; He too has a weapon common to Rudra, which is the lightning (Asani). These hymns define Rudras and Maruts as Earth-shaking clans feared by all lokas as they could create fires, bring rain (nourishment and lords of food RV2.1.6), hunts like predators, attack thousands, and kill in hundreds AV11.2.12 causes lightning and thunder5, and make rain in deserts RV1.38.7. Hence he is called the Tempest God, and also has the title Aśani given to Rudra in Brahmāṇa-1 of Vājasaneyi Saṃhitā Rudras are the only Divinities feared greatly by Rishis, and since the Vedas revolve around Yajñá, the aspect of fear is seen in the discipline and devotion of the Yajamana and Adhvaryu, meaning the one hosting and the one performing the Yajñá and the one properly chanting the mantras, else Rudra brings forth His wrath and consumes themTS1.6.7. 1: [RV10.93.4/1.43, AV11.2.3] 2: [RV5.41.11, TS4.5.5, VS3.61-63] 3: [RV1.64, VS10.20] 4: [RV1.19,2.33,5.59,7.46] 5: [RV1.38,2.33,5.58/59, KYV4.5.11, AV11.2.26]


Lord Narasimha's Mantra for fearlessness from Narasimha Tapaniya-Upanishad, Purva Bhag:

ugram veeram mahaa-vishnum jvalantam sarvato mukham nrisimham bhishanam bhadram mrityur mrityum namamy aham

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