What is the spiritual significance of sharabha avatar pacifying Narasimha avatar ?

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spiritual significance of narasimha-sharabha battle is to glorify anyajanma tirtha & narasimha returning to vishnu form as described in vamana purANa ch. 36 :

28. A holy place anyajanma falls on the east from saraka. It is popular throughout the three worlds.

29. Attaining the form of a lion and slaying the powerful demon, lord Visnu then dwelling among the animals developed affection for lions.

30. All gods including Gandharvas the worshipped lord Siva, saluted him and prayed to him to manage the situation. They explained that the return of Nrsimha back in the original form of visnu has become necessary.

31, 32, 33. Mahadeva disguised himself as Sarabha and fought against Nrsimha for several thousand divine years. Both gods fell into a reservoir while fighting. Divine hermit Narada was in meditation on the bank of that reservoir under a pipala tree. He was suddenly disturbed and looked at them. Lord Visnu turned in his original form and Siva in the form of a linga. Narada duly worshipped them.

35. Salute to god Siva, salute to impressive Visnu. Salute to administrator god Visnu and the god of destruction Siva.

36. Salute to Hara of varied forms and Visnu of universal form. Salute to great merciful tyambaka and krsna, the cause of knowledge.

37, 38. I am lucky and noble as I could see simultaneously both purusas. My asrama purified by you has indeed become sacrosanct. This place shall gain popularity as anyajanma throughout the three worlds.

mahAbhArata vanaparva ch.LXXXIII also has an anecdote to above tirtha:

To the east of Saraka, O chief of the Kurus, there is an auspicious tirtha known by the name of anyajanma, of the high-souled Narada. He that bathes there, O Bharata, obtaineth, after death, at the command of Narada various unrivalled regions.

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