What does scriptures say about the institution of marriage ? Will marriage exist in Kaliyuga according to scriptures ?

What will be happening in marriage in Kaliyuga ?

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Here is the state of marriage as per Kalki Puranam:

Kalki Purana 1.26

Kalki Purana 1.26

Translation: (They will be) engaged in selling meat, always cruel and always attentive towards their penises and bellies and maddened with the desire for the wives of others, leading to Varna Sankara.

The 'they' here is referring to (those who are known as) Dvijas in the early beginning of Kali Yuga.

1.30 1.30

Translation: The Shudras will be engaged in accepting charity (as opposed to working) and also in appropriating much of the wealth of others (possibly hinting towards socialism / state welfare). The fire (of marriage) will be invoked just by the acceptance of the two (as opposed to families or societies). They will see friendship in the wicked/idle/fools due to their liberality.

1.33 1.33

Translation: Every now and then, the rivers will suddenly exceed and recede from the river bank (aka flash floods). Women will talk like prostitutes, happily, completely throwing out their husbands from their minds.


To conclude, Marriage does appear to exist, however primarily only in name. Another verse, 1.34, also mentions that widowhood will disappear, indicating that women will remarry pretty much instantly.

Basically, the state that exist now, but 4-5 time worse.

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