I'm no expert in my religion but have a lot of doubts.

Some of them is lord Krishna hunting animals, use of Dholaks made from animal membrane in temples for Kirtans. Is that not hypocrisy

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In Bhagavata Purana there is a depiction of Krishna hunting in the following verses.

चरन्तं मृगयां क्वापि हयमारुह्य सैन्धवम् । घ्नन्तं तत्र पशून् मेध्यान् परीतं यदुपुङ्गवैः ॥ ३५ ॥

At some places, he saw Kṛṣṇa riding a pedigree horse from the Sindhu country and chasing a game. Sometimes followed by Yādava warriors, he hunted animals useful for sacrifice.

~ Bhagavata Purana 10.69.35

It's important to note that he hunted animals for the purpose of sacrifice. Sacrificial killing is not considered himsa at all. All scriptures agree on this.

enter image description here

~ Garuda Purana I.238.3

Sri Krishna himself consumed the meat offered at the Giri-Yajna (i.e Govaradhana puja ritual).

Quoting from this chapter of Harivamshapurana

Let this yajna, consisting of all milkmen and abounding in the meat of buffalo and other beasts, be at once undertaken".

Thereupon the entire village of milkmen was filled with glee along with the delighted kine. Then with the sound of trumpets, the roar of the bulls and the cries of the calves the Gopas were greatly rejoiced. Lakes of curd, whirlpools of clarified butter and rivers of milk were made there. A heap of meat and a mountain-like collection of of boiled rice were taken to the mountain. Thus the Giri-Yajna was undertaken by all the milkmen there. There were present the delighted Gopas and the beautiful milk-women. Hundreds of eating-places were set up there. It abounded in garlands, various sorts of perfumeries and incense. Various articles of sacrifice were spread there duly. And thus in the auspicious hour the Gopas, along with the Brahmanas, celebrated the Giri-Yajna.

After the termination of the yajna, Krishna, assuming, by his illusive energy, the form of a mountain, feasted on that most excellent rice, meat, curd and milk.

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