Please clear my doubts regarding kalpa, yuga ,immortality and manu.

I want to know God sends Maharishi Manu at start of kalp, chaturyug Or in what state of time.

Also avtars like parshuram, hanuman do they dissolve in shri hari and mahadev at end of yug and those people(non Godly) who are immortal they remain immortal till end of chaturyug, maanavantar Or kalpa.

I am confused by such questions. Please answer

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The life Span of Manu or the difference between 2 Manus is called Manvantara.

Manvantara (मन्वन्तर) literaly means “difference beween two Manus”, Manvantara is constituted of two words manu and antara which literaly means difference beween two Manus. A manvantara consists of seventy one caturyugas. According to the Purāṇa texts one Manu reigns over one manvantara covering the period. There are fourteen manvantaras like Svāyambhuva, Svārociṣa, Uttama, Tāmasa, Raivata, Cākṣuṣa, Vaivasvata, Sāvarṇa, Merusāvarṇi etc . Of these fourteen manvantaras first six manvantaras have already passed. At present vaivasvata-manvantara continues and the latter seven manvantaras are yet to come.

As for Cheeranjivis, I think they stay in existence for 1 kalpa. As some Cheeranjivis gets promoted to different positions in the next.

Vishnu Puran 3.2.:

Parāśara said:—


15-19. In the period in which Sāvarṇi shall be the Manu, the classes of the gods will be Sutapas, Amitābhas, and Mukhyas; twenty-one of each. The seven Ṛṣis will be Dīptimat, Gālava, Rāma, Kripa, Drauṇi (Aśvatthāmā, the son of Droṇa); my son Vyāsa will be the sixth, and the seventh will be Ṛṣyasriṅga. The Indra will be Bali, the sinless son of Virocana, who through the favour of Viṣṇu is actually sovereign of part of Pātāla. The royal progeny of Sāvarṇi will be Virajas, Arvarīvas, Nirmoha, and others.

Vishnu Purana 3.3.:

Parāśara said:—


  1. In the next Dvāpara, Drauṇi (the son of Droṇa) will be the Vyāsa, when my son, the Muni Kṛṣṇa Dwaipāyana, who is the actual Vyāsa, shall cease to be (in that character).

Then there is Sage Markandeya seeing Pralaya and doing penance for almost 7 Manvantaras.

Kaka Bhusundi seeing different versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

About Lord Hanuman being next Lord Brahma. Though there are different speculations.

I have that helps. Prd..

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