Devi bhagavata mentions that water of Shamkha is particularly pleasing to all the Gods except Shiva.

The water in the conch-shell is also very holy and pleasing to the Devas. What more than this, that the water in the conch-shell is as holy as the water of any Tīrtha. This water can be offered to all the Gods but not to Śiva. Wherever the conch-shell is blown, there Lakṣmī abides with great pleasure. If bathing be done with conch-shell water, it is equivalent to taking bath in all the Tīrthas. Bhagavān Hari resides direct in the conch-shell.

A similar thing is mentioned in Brahma vaivarta purana that the water of shankha can be offered to all Gods barring Shiva

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So the question is -

Why is it forbidden from being offered to Shiva when it can be offered t all Gods?

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I think it's because it was made from the bones of the Asura Shankhachuda ehom Bhagawan Shiva had slayed.

Shiva Purana 2.5.40.:

  1. Saṅkhacūḍa the king of Dānavas was released from his curse by the favour of Śiva. He regained his original form.

  2. All the conches in the world are formed of the bones of Śaṅkhacūḍa. Except for Śiva, the holy water from the conch is sacred for every one.

  3. O great sage, particularly to Viṣṇu and Lakṣmī the water from the conch is pleasant. To all persons connected with Viṣṇu it is so but not to Siva.

  4. After slaying him thus, Śiva went to Śivaloka seated on his bull, joyously, accompanied by Pārvatī, Kārttikeya and the Gaṇas.

  5. Viṣṇu went to Vaikuṇṭha. Kṛṣṇa became complacent. The gods went to their abodes with great delight.

  6. The universe regained normalcy. The whole earth was freed of obstacles. The sky was pure. The whole world became auspicious.

I hope this helps. Prd..

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