I have heard that through Yoga a person can achieve inner peace and happiness. I know that It requires lots of practice, to take actual benefit from yoga. I have also heard from plenty of sources (Osho also says) that, through Yoga, a person can detach its soul from his body.

  • Is it really possible to detach your soul from your body ?

If yes then how does it feel and what person will achieve by doing this

  • How to differentiate Yoga from Dream ?

After doing yoga and coming to your senses, How would you differentiate that what you just did was yoga, not the dream. Same question I asked to one of my good friend and he said (and I quote) "You Would Know" with a smile on his face. He didn't say anything more. What was he trying to say, I didn't understand.

  • How to differentiate yoga from dream? In yoga, you remain fully conscious. In dream, you remain unconscious. That is the difference. Yoga is not a separate state of mind. Rather it is the basis for waking, dream and deep sleep states. It is the observer, the witness. It is Consciousness, It is God. ALl the best!! – Sai Mar 9 '15 at 6:15
  • No. Soul is everywhere, inside body and outside body. There is no place where it doesn't exist. – Chinmay Sarupria Jun 23 '17 at 9:43

The answer to your question is: yes, it is possible to to separate the soul or jivatma from the body. Even one can enter another body through this process:

When the bonds of the mind caused by action have been loosened, one may enter the body of another by knowledge of how the nerve-currents function. [PYS - 3.37]

But from your question it seems you have some wrong information about yoga which needs to be corrected.

First is, yoga is that state where all the activity of the mind ceases (PYS - 1.2). So the idea that in yoga one must be somewhere thinking something is incorrect. If one is thinking something then he might be practicing yoga, but he is not in yoga.

And secondly, not only detaching the soul, but there are other such siddhis (skills) which automatically arise when one practices yoga. Even one can go to other planes of existence and interact with other beings. But all these are not the purpose of yoga and are simply obstacles on the way because the yogi may get diverted from the true purpose on the achievement of these things:

To the outward turned mind, the sensory organs are perfections, but are obstacles to realization. [PYS - 3.36]

Regarding how does it feel, I have not felt it but it can't be expressed just like we can't express how sweetness feels, it has to be felt by oneself. And by freeing the soul from the body the yogis can achieve moksha voluntarily or go to the plane of existence they would like. There are many examples of such saints and yogis in puranas.

Now regarding differentiating yoga from dream, you don't need to use a totem as they did in the movie Inception (just kidding); you would be able to know it yourself. How? Because there are four fundamental states that a jiva goes through, wakefulness, dream, sleep and turiya. Apart from the last state, every other state is simply not yoga. And just like you are able to differentiate wakefulness from sleep and dream, you will be able to differentiate the state of yoga.

On a sidenote, it is better to know and learn about Yoga from a qualified teacher. Forming ideas by listening to and reading text of unqualified persons can be harmful. The Patanjali Yoga Sutras has a lot of information in a condensed form. One can know the right things by understanding it from a guru.

  • I'm a student I don't think I can look for any teacher and course. But I can read books and watch some online videos. – Atinesh Mar 7 '15 at 18:26
  • You are trying to say that "Yoga" is another state of human being that can not be explained, It has to be felt. – Atinesh Mar 7 '15 at 18:28
  • @Atinesh Yes, the feeling of Yoga cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. It is another state of mind where all the activities in it ceases. All thoughts vanish, all sense of individuality is lost. A kind of emptiness or nothingness is felt. There can be different experiences as there are different approaches to yoga. But for this age and for most of the people, Bhakti Yoga is the best, safest and surest way for enlightenment. – Be Happy Mar 11 '15 at 12:39
  • Could you please guide. How can I start practicing "Yoga", do I have to join any classes to do that. – Atinesh Mar 12 '15 at 10:46
  • @Atinesh There are many organisations who offer different kinds of yoga, meditations, etc. You can join anyone you like, but I would suggest getting a clear idea of spiritual things before getting too spiritual. I read your other question about the verse of Gita on karma, I had faced that dilemma too and will answer that when I get time. If you leave me a message on the site mentioned in my profile we may be able to chat. But the real thing is asking the question to yourself what do you really want? And why do you want it? – Be Happy Mar 12 '15 at 13:15

Study the life of Ramakrishna -- to know that it is possible to detach one's soul from the body and bring it back.Ramakrishna , however , discouraged his disciple Swami Vivekananda ( Naren) from experimenting with this exercise --because he believed that Naren may not be able to come back to his body after separating the soul from the body.
The details of Spiritual Practices and Experiences are given in Patanjali Yoga Darsana .
There is no difference between Hallucinations ,Schizophrenic Experiences and Yogic Experiences.The objective of Yoga , is to Unite the three states of consciousness --the Waking ,The Dream and the Deep Sleep states .Uncotrolled combination of these three states of consciousness ,gives rise to Hallucinations , Schizophrenia and Insanity.
Yogic Exercises are like experimentations with Insanity . That is why a Guru is needed.
The Eternal Sleep or Maha Nidra refers to the Death State .Mother Earth is the ultimate Death State --also is the source of all creations.Identifying oneself with the Earth or merging the soul with Earth ( Prakriti) leads one to permanent Bliss .
Merging the Soul with Shunya ( Infinite Space,Purusha) give Mukti ,Nirvana or Ultimate freedom .
What about merging the Soul with Sun God ? Not much is said about it.

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