Why do many Hindu women put a red dot(Bindi) near the middle of their forehead?

  1. What is the reason behind it?
  2. Is there any benefit of Dot(Bindi)?

As per Hinduism the place between eyebrows is the place of soul in body. It is Aajna Chakra. Putting red Dot there signifies that woman is in soul form and wants others also to see her as soul instead of body. This is the main concept in Hinduism. This red dot also signifies powers of shakti.

Wearing red dot means

See me as soul not as body or worldly looks.

It is the sign of soul. The person who puts it on signifies Adhyatmikta of person.

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  • As per Hinduism, soul resides in heart, not in the place between eyebrows.
    – Pinakin
    Oct 23 '15 at 5:07

Not just women many men put red do in between eyebrows too. However for men practice has been restricted to Devi worshipers, traditional poojaris. It is believed that Aajna chakra is in between eyebrows also signified by Shiva's 3rd eye upon which it is customary to meditate for Moksha and Jnana.

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