I've heard about Pitra Dosh. There is a disbelief regarding the actual meaning of Pitra Dosh that it arises as our forefathers are not happy with us and they have feelings of hatred for us. But that is not the actual reason behind Pitra Dosh.

Can anyone explain me about the Pitra Dosh and also why that affects us? and how one can get rid of Pitra Dosh?

  • you can expitiate through thila homa to lord rudra
    – Prasanna R
    Jun 2 '19 at 6:17

Pitra dosh is a term related to astrology. A specific conjunction in the natal chart is termed as pitra dosh.

Generally if the ninth house (the house of fathers) of the natal chart contains the malefics sun and rahu, then it creates pitra dosh.

Yes, it is said that this conjunction arises in the chart if the pitaras (deceased forefathers) are unhappy with the person. He might have neglected doing shardaha for them and may have disrespected them for which his ancestors got unhappy. Just like us pitaras require satification through food and respect. This is done through the shradha ceremony. So it is said that when a person had neglected such duties, in his chart pitra dosh arises.

Pitra dosh in the birth chart creates unhappiness in life, causes failure in personal endeavors like job, business, etc. To get rid of pitra dosh astrologers suggest performance of different kinds of pujas, shradhas, tarpanas etc. If you are really interested to know, you should better consult a good astrologer.

Disclaimer: I have provided the answer only as per my awareness about astrology, I am not an expert.

  • this is the generally accepted answer almost everywhere but a point of research (that I am doing) is why is 10th house not house of father as it is 7th from house of mother and 7th house is spouse house. (food for thought)
    – user115
    Jul 3 '14 at 7:12
  • @jabahar - i have mentioned in the question that the reason is not because Pitras are unhappy or might be neglected doing shraddha... This is not the correct reason. I heard that there are as many 18 reasons why this is happening.but don't know what are they. Jul 3 '14 at 7:31
  • @TheDictator May be pitars not happy is one of the 18 reasons. I am only aware about that one. Sorry, I don't know any other reasons, I am not expert in astrology, just familiar with some concepts. I'll try to find if there are others when I'm free. But regarding astrology it's better if you ask a good astrologer. People can have many views and not all of them would be correct.
    – Be Happy
    Jul 3 '14 at 10:40
  • @jabahar lolz... yah... sure i will ask the astrologer regarding that.. But no this is not the reason for sure.. Jul 3 '14 at 11:08

This might provide some insights:

Q: What is pitra dosh?

Sri Sri: Pitra dosh is when a soul does not have good feelings for its sons or daughters. It has a solution called tarpan. Til (sesame seeds) is offered to symbolize that all the things that are going on in the mind of the departed soul is small like it. So when the parents die, the children put sesame seeds in water and put it giving knowledge to the parents that dont care or worry for all these sesame seeds like worldly thoughts, Go ahead. Even after the death, the son or daughter gives the same knowledge in the ear of the dead body. This is why they say that if there is no son or daughter then mukti is not possible. Why? While people are alive if they do not get anyone to give knowledge then at least they can get that knowledge after death from their son or daughter. This is shraadh. This is there in every culture of the world. In China, on one day they will burn things made out of paper. In Singapore too. Whatever they want they make it out of paper and burn it. They burn these things with the feeling that whatever they burn they will get that with the blessings of the departed souls. Practice similar to it is there in South America. The important thing is that you receive blessings from the departed soul. So With belief, from your heart you give and that is what is tarpan. Of course the life is give and take game only but the best thing to share is knowledge. If you want departed souls to get trupti (satisfaction) they you can feed the poor. The blessings of the people fed will help the departed soul. They say for 10 days after the death you cry as much as you want, ask whatever you want. Then apply ghee on your eyes and then do Anand Havan. That is communicating and understanding that the soul which was love while living is now satisfied. There is happiness in the house and after the havan, the fire from the havan to light the diya or candle in the house. It is important to understand why to do things and how to do things. The important thing is to remain in knowledge and be satisfied. Knowledge is the only thing that can free you. Actions never have and never will liberate anybody.

While you are alive, if you get knowledge then you will be free then you don't have to wait for your daughter or son to give knowledge to the dead body.


Also, more in context of the remedies of the Dosha:

Q: Pitra dosh - what to do for that?

Sri Sri: All doshas (defects) get rectified by seva, chanting Om Namah Shivaya, meditation.


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