I know the story of how Devi Tara feed her milk to Shiva to make him conscious again after drinking poison but why did in all the pictures she is shown standing over Shiva?

I know why Kali depicted with foot over Shiva but why did Tara?

  • Tara is shown standing over Lord Shiva because she was a form of Kali. This is truth. – Samrat May 16 '15 at 17:00
  • The answer of Samrat is truth because Bengalis are the biggest devotees of Goddess Kali and I am also a Bengali and Bengalis know many true stories of Kali. In Kolkata,all people are devotees of Kali and if anyone can visit Kolkata,they will see many Kali temples and Kolkata have a two famous Kali Temples named Kalighat and Dakshineshwar. I also live in Kolkata. So,I know many stories of Kali and I know that Devi Tara is a form of Kali. – Topo Jul 12 '15 at 14:39
  • Both are names of the Divine Mother. – Swami Vishwananda Jul 13 '15 at 11:07
  • The linguistics would suggest that Kālī is in reference to her "great, terrible, fearful, & awesome" nature and that Tara is in reference to her "surpassing, passing beyond, & conquering" nature. – Rubellite Yakṣī Oct 18 '18 at 8:13
  • whats the reason behind the query ? are you upset about it ? – Rakesh Joshi Mar 15 at 19:42

The story of Devi Tara's feeding milk to Shiva is well-known, but that form is worshipped only at the Tarapith temple at Birbhum, West Bengal.

There are several dhyana-mantras of Devi Tara, Who is the second of the Dasa-Mahavidyas. The dhyana -mantra mentioned in the Tarini-Tantra (quoted in the Purascharyarnava) describes Her as

shabasya upari deveshi , meaning the Goddess is standing on the Shava-Shiva.

Shava means a dead body. According to the Gandharva-Tantra

shava iti akshare brahma-vaachakah preta-nirnayah, meaning the dead (shav/preta) represents the (Nirguna) Brahman whereas Devi standing on Him represents the Saguna-Brahman.(Reference: Sastramulak Bharatiya Shaktisadhana, Upendrakumar Das, RMIC, vol.1, page 475).

Goddess Kali also stands on Shava-Shiva. According to Tantra, both the Devis are actually the same despite some difference in Their forms .As the Pranatoshini-Tantra reads

taarakatvaad sada taaraa yaa kaali saa eva nishchitaa,(kanda 5, pari. 6) meaning that the name Tara of Devi is because she liberates(traana) and there is absolutely no difference between Kali and Tara.

The story of Shiva's lying on the earth to stop Devi Kali's destructive dance and Her getting ashamed because of standing on Him and so Her toungue being shown out---all these are man-made stories and has no scriptural basis by the way.


Tara is another name of Kaali/Shakti(3 guna mayi Maya).

Shiva himself is static Nirguna Nirakaar undivided Brahman and Shakti/Vishnu is dynamic 3guna Mayi Saguna Brahman and divided Maya. This is explained by Adi Shankaracharya in Saundra Lahari

Brahman(Heavenly Father/Abraham/Cosmic consciousness) is same as Shakti(Mother/Holy Spirit/Goddess Kaali/Vishnu(Vishwa(world)+Anu(atom)/matter/atom).

Krishna/Vishnu is Kaali, this was also told by Ramkrishna Paramhans several times in his speech.

First 41 verses cover the detailed account of internal worship of the Mother. It consists of systematic exposition of the concept of kundalini, Sri Chakra, mantra (verses 32, 33). This depicts the Supreme Reality as non-dual but with a distinction between Shiva and Shakti, the power holder and Power, Being and Will. The Power, that is, the Mother or Maha Tripura Sundari, becomes the dominant factor and the power holder or Shiva becomes a substratum. The first verse itself clearly describes this idea. “United with Shakti, Shiva is endowed with power to create; or otherwise, he is incapable of even a movement.” The same idea is brought out in verse 24, “Brahma creates the universe, Vishnu sustains, Rudra destroys, and Maheshwar absorbs every thing and assimilates into Sadashiva. On receiving mandate from thy creeper like brows, Sadasiva restores everything into activity as in the previous cycle.”

Shakti is Prakriti/Avyaktam/Kshetra because she cant be explained(Can you explain Maya and your ego, do you actually ask your heart to beat for you and your stomach to digest food for you?) and Shiva is Purusha(Kshetrayga)

Kshetrgya/Purush and Kshetra/Prakriti

  1. Said Arjuna, O Kesava, I wish to know about Purusha (the pure consciousness) and Prakriti (the creative energy), kshetram (field, matter or the body) and kshetragna (Self, pure awareness or consciousness), knowledge and purpose of knowledge.

  2. Said Lord Supreme, This body, O Arjuna, is called kshetra (matter or the body). He who knows thus is called kshetragna ( the knower of kshetra ) by the knowledgeable.

24 tatvas/Shakti = Kshetra 1 Purusha/Knower/Shiva = Kshetrgya

Higher than the senses, stand the objects of senses. Higher than objects of senses, stands mind. Higher than mind, stands intellect. Higher than intellect, stands the great self/soul. Higher than the great self, stands Avyaktam/Prakriti. Higher than Avyaktam/Prakriti, stands Purusha. Higher than this, there is nothing. He is the final goal and the highest point. In all beings, dwells this Purusha, as Atman (soul), invisible, concealed. He is only seen by the keenest thought, by the sublest of those thinkers who see into the subtle.

—Katha Upanishad 3.10-13

Ramakrishna regarded the Supreme Being to be both Personal and Impersonal, active and inactive:

When I think of the Supreme Being as inactive - neither creating nor preserving nor destroying - I call Him Brahman or Purusha, the Impersonal God. When I think of Him as active - creating, preserving and destroying - I call Him Sakti or Maya or Prakriti, the Personal God. But the distinction between them does not mean a difference. The Personal and Impersonal are the same thing, like milk and its whiteness, the diamond and its lustre, the snake and its wriggling motion. It is impossible to conceive of the one without the other. The Divine Mother and Brahman are one

Since, manifested Shakti/Kaali/Vishnu is creator, maintainer and destroyer, she stands over unmanifested Infinite One Static Cosmic Consciousness Brahman and Shakti without Shiva cant exist.

Shiva/Nirguna Brahman = One Omniscient undivided formless Cosmic Consciousness

Shakti/Vishnu/Maya/Saguna Brahman = Omnipotent Cosmic Consciousness

Static Shiva/Shava/Brahman cant create, maintain and destroy without Shakti/Shaktimaan Vishnu and dynamic divided Shakti cant understand anything without Omnipresent Omniscient Shiva, thats the true bond of daulity between Purush and Prakriti

  • So Visnu=Tara, who is standing on Shiva! great logic:D – user17294 Mar 17 at 7:04
  • @Pratimaputra Do you actually think, Vishnu and Shakti and Shiva are 3 different Gods. Is Purush different from Prakriti, Is Aatma separate from Paramtama "Ekam Brahman, Dvitya Nasti"-Vedas, "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahman"-Everything is Brahman. Is there any Gender in God? – Manu Kumar Mar 17 at 7:09
  • @Pratimaputra, can moon/earth exist without sun? while breathing, can you exhale air without inhaling first, can you walk on 1 leg? Can soul(Atma) exist without Supersoul(Paramtama)? Can you work in day without sleeping in night? Its the same Cosmic Consciousness that manifests as Shiva and Vishnu, the opposites.(Shiva who rejected Shakti completely(who lives by side of him as Parvati and he became Purusha) and Vishnu with Maya(one who accepted Shakti completely and he himself became Prakriti) ). Hence, Vedanta is known as Advaita Vedanta(Non-dual/Not two) ( wisdom of opposites) – Manu Kumar Mar 17 at 8:30

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