Sada Shiva is eternal . Sada shiva and lalitha devi are parents of Universe. At the start of every kalpan Vishnu borns .From Vishnu brahma borns. From brahma's anger rudra(incarnation of shiva.) emerges from his forehead. Brahma has life span of 100 brahma years (each brahma day is a kalpa). Vishnu has a life of 1000 brahma life spans.

Sada Shiva is eternal.

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Depends upon various sects of hinduism, some belief that vishnu is eternal, some believe shiva and some that lalitha devi is eternal.

however one common term used for eternal one is saguna brahman.

by the way what is "kalpan" is it equal to 100kalpa(1 brhma life)x1000 ?


Krishna in Mahabharata,

"The ancestors of civilization, and entities such as Shiva, were created by Me. They do not know of this because they are illusioned by My cosmic material energies."


"Neither the hosts of gods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences, for, in every respect, I am the source of the gods and sages. He who knows Me as the unborn, as the beginningless, as the Supreme Lord of all the worlds – he only, undeluded among men, is freed from all sins."

but no doubt some sects may believe krishna himself was illusioned as eternal and was came from lalita-sadasiva as you say.

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