I currently live in an area which has a high Indian population. I've noticed a number of Indian men and women with various marks and dots on their foreheads but have never asked about the significance behind these for fear of offending them. I genuinely want to know what they mean.

Here's what I've seen:

  • A single black dot (quite small)
  • A single red dot (quite small)
  • A single red dot (much larger)
  • A single red dot (smudged and near the hairline)
  • A yellow vertical line
  • A white vertical line
  • A white vertical line with hairline red dot

What do these all mean, and are there others that I may not be aware of? I guess I'm more wondering if there is a more modern context to these markings than the "third-eye" or channeling chakras, etc.?

Thanks so much for the insight in advance.


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