We often hear of various weapons used by various Gods and different other people, which are said to be almost undefeatable. I want to know is there anything written in texts describing these weapons such as Sudarshana Chakra, Lord Shiva's trishul, Lord Shiva's bow, Pashupatastra, Narayanastra, Bramhastra, Indra's Vajra, etc. I mean how they were structured, how much destructive they were, who was their creator, what all were required to operate them.

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    You know, this blog makes an interesting read.
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  • First of all a supernatural weapon is something very different as compared to a physical weapon. Secondly, the creators are the devas themselves. Thirdly, their power differs. A supernatural weapon can only be stopped by another supernatural weapon.
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In Ramayana a mention was made about Indrajit, who used brahmAstra for mass destruction. It eliminated 67 crores of Vanaras on a particular day.

भिन्नलाङ्गूलहस्तोरुपादाङ्गुलि शिरो धरैः | स्रवद्भिः क्षतजं गात्रैः प्रस्रवद्भिः समन्ततः || ६-७४-८

पतितैः पर्वताकारैर्वानरैरभिसङ्कुलाम् | शस्त्रैश्च पतितैर्दीप्तैर्ददृशाते वसुन्धराम् || ६-७४-९

Hanuma and Vibhishana saw the battle-field, covered on all sides, with mountain-sized monkeys fallen with heir tails, arms, thighs, feet, fingers and heaps of heads fractured with blood oozing from their limbs and urine flowing out. The earth was also covered with flaming weapons fallen around.

सप्तषष्टिर्हताः कोट्यो वानराणां तरस्विनाम् | अह्नः पञ्चमशेषेण वल्लभेन स्वयम्भुवः || ६-७४-१२

Sixty seven crores of powerful monkeys were struck down by the cherished missile of Brahma, the self-born creator, in the fifth and last period of the day.

This was the mass destruction by brahmAstra mentioned in Ramayana.

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    Interesting. That figure of 67 crore vaanaras is half the size of the Indian population in 2020. Does stretch credulity somewhat.
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    @iruvar, yes. pretty much everything in Ramayana stretches credulity, because it is an account of avataras of Bhagavan and Devas, who, by definition, are beyond the credulity of humans.
    – ram
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