1. What is Vaak shudddi ?
  2. How does one achieve it ? and

  3. Why is it important ?

I am looking for some literature references


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1) Vaak Shuddhi comes from Purity of Thought , Mind and Heart. Vaak is the as articulated sound and when the uchharan -spoken is clean and correct it can be considered as Pure i.e. Shuddhi.

2) To achieve this only Discipline (Abhyasa) and Bhakti will help in development; ultimately it is Mata Vaak Devis, Shree Saraswati's Anugraha Kripa alone that takes us ahead in this and it is thus also a Kala-speaking ability, with grace and fluency etc..

3) Character lies in in thought- Words and deeds. So the first two are extremely important i.e. Manas Shuddhi + Vaak Shuddhi.

Ref 2 above on Shree Mata Saraswati this may be noted for Sadhana to Vaak Devi Shree Saraswati: She is also described as:

Vagdevi – Goddess of Speech

Jihvagravasni – Dwelling at the tip of the tongue

Kavijih Vagravasini – Dwelling on the tongue of Poets

Shabdavasini – She who dwells in Sound

Vagisha – Mistress of Speech

Mahavani – Of great wisdom in Speech

Smriti-Sakti – Power of Memory

Jnana-Sakti – Power of Knowledge

Buddhi Sakti Swarupini – Whose form is the Power of Intellect Kalpana Sakti – Who is the Power of Forming ideas.

Pratibha Sakti – Intelligence

Veda Garbha – the womb-source of Vedas Knowledge.

Sarva Vidya Swarupini – All forms of Knowledge

Sarva Sastravasini – Dwelling in the Shastras (Books of Shastra)

Granthakarini – Who creates the Books.

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