I visited many of non Hindu sites that they argue that Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in our(Hindu) scriptures and they mention some sloka , I find one sloka in Bhavishya Purana that they mention BHavishya

in above image and sloka line is महामद इति ख्यात:

they mention महामद as Prophet Muhammad but महामद is a Sanskrit word with its own meaning like

महामद mahAmada m. elephant in strong rut मजबूत लीक में हाथी
महामद mahAmada m. excessive or violent rut अत्यधिक या हिंसक लीक
महामद mahAmada m. fever महामद mahAmada m. great pride or intoxication(drunkenness) means मादकता and नशा


ख्यात: meaning

ख्यात khyAta adj. denominated नामित

ख्यात khyAta adj. told कहा था
ख्यात khyAta adj. well known अच्छी तरह से जाना जाता है
ख्यात khyAta adj. ppp. called कहा जाता है
ख्यात khyAta adj. ppp. celebrated मशहूर
ख्यात khyAta adj. ppp. notorious कुख्यात
ख्यात khyAta adj. ppp. well-known रूढ़
ख्यात khyAta adj. ppp. named नामित


महामद इति ख्यात: means who ()well known or called) as drunkenness (intoxication) or many other above describe meaning and it's not talking about prophet Muhammad! It is talking about mleccha म्लेच्छ

mleccha म्लेच्छ has own meaning

म्लेच्छ mleccha m. man of an outcast race एक निर्वासित जाति का आदमी
म्लेच्छ mleccha m. person who does not speak Sanskrit संस्कृत बात नहीं करता जो व्यक्ति म्लेच्छ mleccha m. foreigner अन्यदेशीय
म्लेच्छ mleccha m. barbarian असभ्य & जंगली , अशिष्ट, गँवारू, असंस्कृत म्लेच्छ mleccha m. non-Aryan गैर आर्यन
म्लेच्छ mleccha m. ignorance of Sanskrit संस्कृत की अज्ञानता who does not know Sanskrit

म्लेच्छ means who does not know Sanskrit or barbarian (असभ्य & जंगली , अशिष्ट, गँवारू, असंस्कृत) etc.. and धर्म means manner or nature ,that time no other religious exist so धर्म

धर्म dharma m. manner
धर्म dharma m. nature

धर्म so, म्लेच्छधर्म means barbarian manner or nature , अन्यदेशीय धर्म , जंगली nature (swabhav) etc above describe

So my question is why other religions(islam) argue that prophet Muhammad is in our scriptures ?

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    Well, you already have answered your question. But to sum it all, 1. They don't have good knowledge of Sanskrit and our religious scriptures. 2. They try to prove their superiority which in turn proves their insecurity and stupidity. 3. Because God is one and people keep fighting amongst themselves that "their" God is the best.
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking what other religions deal with Hindu text which is not within the scope. Also it's welcoming opinions by asking "why other religion argue.." Apart from it, regarding the Sanskrit term, the question answers itself in the body of question.
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  • This seems to be an interpolated part of the Bhavishya Purana.
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yes it is mention in "Bhavishya Purana " @UPASARGA Adhaya . Mahamad is "A-SUR "( Devil) re born Demon of " Tripura sur ".

Mahamad Captured " Shivalaya " of " Marusthalya " , Raja Boj Visited Marusthala ( Place in Desert ) .But GOD Shiva told him " Instead to escape " Shivalaya " from Devil Mohamada , take care of " Maha Kalyashwara " .

Marusthala is now "A-Pavitra " ( non worshiped place ).

As per "Bhavishya Purana " and " Muslim Quaran" this place ( Mah-KKa or Mecca )will be free by Hindu King in 2000 yrs as per Hijari Calendar and the war is mention - name - " Gazwa-e-Hind " ( End of Hindustan i.e. killing of hindus and captured land of india )

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    Welcome To Hinduism SE! Pls.provide some links to this "Bhavishya Purana" quoting in your answer to further support your claim. Commented Jan 19, 2017 at 5:28
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    Could you quote exact verses? your answer is unclear. Make edits accordingly. Commented Jan 19, 2017 at 5:29

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