I read about Konark Sun Temple and it makes me proud that about 750 years ago Hindu sages could calculate the accurate time in day and night as well, as they know the weather changes by looking the chakras (wheel of Konark). But unfortunately I can't find out more details about this. I think each chakra in the temple has a lot of meaning and there is more to study. Can anyone point me out to (if there is) full documentation about all chakras in the temple?

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Curiosity and a want to learn more are piqued by stories and tales, as well as a desire to travel back in time to learn more about what really happened. This is very normal and authentic for any tourist who aspires to discover new information and experience something they have never done before. This isn't always the case; in certain instances, providing information in a flawless and understandable manner is a great method of communication. The Konark Sun Temple is a piece of legend that attracts and amazes many people. Its architecture, stunning stone carvings, and captivating building narrative combine to make it a fascinating research topic.

There is a lot of information available about the Konark Sun Temple.

Konark Wheel is a magnificent piece of architecture carved by the great artisans of that time. You can read more about it at - https://www.thestonestudio.in/konark-sun-temple/#Konark_Wheel

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