How will the Kalki avatar look like, appearance-wise? I have heard he'll have a sword and ride atop a horse. Is it true?

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    @iammilind - in today's time will not possible they will come on Horse with sword but they will come after 427000 (aprox.) years , and we have enargy like gas ,oil ,coal till 2000 to 5000 years than there no cars , bike may be see this 1,172,348,265,480 Oil left (barrels),13,957 Days to the end of oil (~38 years),1,128,259,895,479 Gas left (boe),59,382 Days to the end of gas, 4,365,996,931,277 Coal left (boe) : see in enargy section worldometers.info In future human do not have this facility like cars bike etc...so may be kalki avtar come on Horse ..
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    @BhavinPatel, though I get what you are saying and agree to certain extent, but that Yuga theory is not correct. According to some people all the Yugas are in lacs of year starting from Krita Yuga the highest, then Treta, then Dwapara and then Kali. That is just a speculation. e.g. According to Yukteshwar Giri (the Guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda), we are back in Dwapara Yuga which he mentioned in his book The Holy Science. In this book he debunks the theory of Kali = 432000 years. I found him more logical.
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    @iammilind "According to some people all the Yugas are in lacs of year starting from Krita Yuga the highest, then Treta, then Dwapara and then Kali. That is just a speculation." It's not speculation at all, it's straight from the Vishnu Purana: hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/5253/36 Now you may believe that it's not true, but it's not accurate to call it speculation. Commented Sep 18, 2015 at 18:01
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    @KeshavSrinivasan, according to Jaggi Vasudev, the "amount of time" is different for different consciousness. May be it's possible that the author of Purana might have written something and people might have miscalculated it to an overwhelming number. If Dwapara finished just 5k years back and modern human evolved 50k-100k years back then how can we explain the remaining years of Dwapara? I don't say that Vishnu Purana is wrong but it's possible to misinterpret. Yukteswar Giri's theory of all yugas in 24k year is more logical, where he takes basis of Sun. It impies that Kalki already happened.
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    @iammilind There's no need to worry about whether people have misinterpreted it in the past; just read it for yourself and see whether any other interpretation is even possible: "Thirty Muhúrttas constitute a day and night of mortals: thirty such days make a month, divided into two half-months: six months form an Ayana ... and two Ayanas compose a year. The southern Ayana is a night, and the northern a day of the gods. Twelve thousand divine years, each composed of (three hundred and sixty) such days, constitute the period of the four Yugas, or ages." sacred-texts.com/hin/vp/vp037.htm Commented Sep 19, 2015 at 4:05

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Lord Kalki will receive a horse, a sword and and an all knowing parrot (Suka) from Lord Shiva. His physical appearance is described by his wife Padmavati, Demi Gods and others too.. This is described very nicely in Kalki Purana...

Lord Kalki after his sacred thread ceremony goes to Lord Parashuram to attain trainings in military arts. It is in chapter 3 of Kalki Purana:

Text 7
daksinam prarthaya vibho
ya deya tava sanmdhau
yayd me sarva siddhhsyad
ya syat tvattosa kdnni

Lord Kalki said: О my Lord, please tell me what kind of daksina I
should give You so that You will be pleased, > and I will thus be able to
achieve complete perfection in life.

Text 8
rama uvaca
brahmana prdrthito bhumana
kali nigraha karanat
visnuh sarvasrayah pumah
sa jdtah sambhale bhavan

Parasurama said: О great soul! Long ago, Brahma prayed to Lord
Visnu, the shelter of all living entities and the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, to destroy the influence of Kali. I understand that You are that
same Supreme Personality, appearing in the village of Sambhala.

Text 9
matto vidyam swadastiam
labdhva vedamayam sukam
simhale ca priyam padmam
dharman samsthdpayisyasi

You have learned the art of discharging arrows from Me. You will
imbibe transcendental knowledge from Sukadeva Gosvami, and You will
be awarded a powerful weapon by Lord Siva. Thereafter, You will marry
a woman named Padma from the island of Simhala. Your mission is to re
establish sanatana-dharma.

Then by following the words of Lord Parashurama, Lord Kalki does penance of Lord Shiva and finally praises with hymns. Those hymns will be very popular in next Satya yuga. It is also in chapter 3 :

Text 21
iti kalkistavam srutia
suvah sarvatma darsanah
saksdt prdha isannisah
parvati sahito'gratah

After hearing these prayers, Lord Siva, being omniscient, appeared
before Lord Kalki with Parvati and spoke to Him while smiling grandly.

Text 22
kalkeh samsprsya hastena
samasta vayavam muda
tamdha varaya prestha
varam yatte'bhi kdmksitam

Lord Siva caressed the entire body of Lord Kalki with his hands and
then said: О foremost of all beings, please ask from me the benediction
You desire.

Text 23
waya krtamidam. stotram
ye pathanti jana bhuvi
tesdm sarvartha siddhhsya
adiha loke paratra ca

Anyone on this earth who faithfully hears the glorious prayers that
you have offered me will achieve all kinds of > perfection, both in this life
and in the next.

Text 24
vidydrthim capnuydd vidydm
dharmdrthim dharmam apruyat
kamdn avapnuyat kdnx'
pathanat srvanddapi

If a student recites these prayers, his education will become fruitful,
if a pious person recites these prayers, he will attain pious merit, and
if a sense enjoyer recites these prayers, he will enjoy all kinds of sense
gratification. Anyone who recites or hears these prayers will have all his
desires fulfilled.

Text 25
warn garudam ida casvam
kamagam bahurnpnvxm
sukamenanca sarvajfiam
maya dattam grhana bhoh

This horse was manifested from Garuda, and it can go anywhere at
will and assume many different forms. Here > also is a parrot that knows everything—past, present, and future. I would like to offer You both the
horse and the parrot and so please accept them.

Text 26
sanasastrastra vidvamsam
sanavedartha paragam
jayinam sarvabhutanam
warn vadisyanti manavah

By the influence of this horse and parrot, the people of the world will
know You as a learned scholar of all scriptures who is a master of the art
of releasing arrows, and thus the conqueror > of all.

Text 27
ratnat sarum kardlanca
karavala mahaprabham
grhana gurubharayah
prthwya bhdra sadhanam

I would also like to present You this sharp, strong sword and so please
accept it. The handle of this sword is bedecked with jewels, and it is
extremely powerful. As such, this sword will help You to reduce the heavy
burden of the earth.

Text 28
m vaca dsrutya
namaskratya mahesvaram
sambhala grama gamat
turagena tvararwitah

After hearing all this, Lord Kalki offered His obeisances and then
departed for the village of Sambhala, riding on the back of the horse
given by Lord Siva.

Text 29
pitaram mataram bhratan
namaskrtya yathavidhi
sarvam tadvarnayd masa
jamadagnyasya bhasitam

Upon arriving home, Lord Kalki offered his respectful obeisances
to His father, mother, and brothers. He then narrated whatever had
happened and told them about the orders of His guru, Paras'urama.

Then that all knowing parrot goes to island of Simhala and tells about Lord Kalki to Padmavati. When Padmavati see Lord Kalki she describes Lord Kalki as (in chapter 9):

Text 20
sukhe bауапаt mamvedika gatam
kalkim purastad atisurya varcasam
mahamani biаса vibhusana atam
sukena sarddham tamudaiksa tesam

There, Padmavati saw her beloved Lord Kalki peacefully sleeping on
a raised platform that was decorated with jewels The effulgence of His
body defeated the brilliance of the sun His entire body was decorated
with varieties of precious jewels.

Texts 21
tamala nilam kamalapatim prabhum
pitambaram caru saroja locanam
ajanu bahum prthupina laksasam
sri vatsasat kaustubha kantirajitam

The complexion of the Lord of Laksmi was dark, like a tamala tree,
and He was dressed in yellow garments He had lotus-like eyes, His arms
reached to His knees, and His chest was very broad and displayed the
mark of Srivatsa and Kaustubha gem

Texts 22-23
tadadbhutam rupam aveksya padma
samstambhita usmrta satknartha
suptam tu sambodhayitum pranttam
nibarayamasa usankita sa
kadati eso nah talo tirupi
maddarsanat stritiam upaiti saksat
tadatra kim me bhanta bhaiasva
i arena sapa piatimena lole

Upon seeing the transcendental form of the Lord, Padmavati became
stunned and fearful Indeed, she became so overwhelmed with emotion
that she forgot to greet her Lord When Suka attempted to awaken the
Lord, she forbade him, saying If this greatly attractive hero looks at
me and is transformed into a woman, then what will be the use of the
benediction that I had received from Lord Siva.
 Truthfully, I consider
Lord Siva's benediction to be a curse. [[Padmavati was formerly blessed by Lord Shiva that whoever would see her through lust he will immediately turn into women]]

Lord Kalki's physical apperance is also briefly described in chapter 10, Marriage of Lord Kalki and Padmavati..

Text 19
padmakalki gaurakrsnau
vipantantard bubhau
bahihsphutau mla pita
vasovyajena pasyatu

Padmavati's complexion was very fair and Lord Kalki's complexion
was dark, like a rain cloud. In this way, they appeared to materialistic
vision to be opposite one another. Princess > Padmavati was dressed in blue
garments, and Lord Kalki was dressed in yellow garments.

Also in the chapter 33 demigods appear to earth and praise Lord Kalki as::

The Demigods Arrive at Sambhala
The Disappearance of Lord Kalki

Text 1
suta uvaca
tato devagandh sarve
brahmand sahitd rathaih
svaih svair ganaih parivrtak
kalkirh drastm updyayuh

Suta GosvamI said: Once, all the demigods and great brahmanas,
along with their followers, mounted their celestial chariots and went to
the village of Sambhala, to see Lord Kalki.

Text 2
maharsyah sagandharvdh
kinnards capsarogandh
samdjgmuh pramuditdh
sarhbhalarh surapujitam

Many exalted sages, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, and Apsaras cheerfully
arrived at Sambhala, which was highly desired even by the demigods.

Text 3
tatra gawd sabhd madhye
kalkirh kamalahcanam
tejonirhdhim prapanndndrh
jandndm abhayapradam

As they entered the palace courtyard, they saw the greatly effulgent
lotus-eyed Lord Kalki giving assurances to all those who had come to take
shelter of Him.

Text 4
rala jimutasarhkdsarh
digha pivara bhdhukam
kintendrka varnena
sthiravidyun nibhena tarn

His transcendental body was the color of a dark rain cloud. His
arms were long and very powerful. His head > was adorned with a brightly
shining crown that resembled the sun.

Text 5
sobhamanarh dyu manina
kundalondbhi sdbhina
saharsdldpa vikasad
vadanam smita sobhitam

The beauty of His face was enhanced by His earrings, which were as
brilliant as the sun. His lotus-like face appeared to blossom as He sweetly
smiled while speaking.

Texts 6-7
krpakataksa viksepa
pariksiptavi paksakam
tara hdrollasad vaksas
candrakdnta mamsriyd
kumudvatl modavaharh
sphurat sakrdyudhdmvaram
sarvaddnanda sandoha
rasollasita vigraham

Everyone surrounding Him was favored by His merciful glance. Lotus
flowers adorning His chest appeared more delightful because of the rays
of the moonstone that shone in His beautiful necklace. His garments
appeared like a rainbow, thus further increasing his beauty.

Text 8
dipitarh rupam adbhutam
dadrsur deva gandharvdm
ye cdnye samupdgatdh

His entire body shone brilliantly due to the light reflected from
countless jewels. This is how all the demigods, Gandharvas, and Apsaras
saw Lord Kalki.

  • So the events described in Kalki Purana have happened already or yet to take place? Commented May 9, 2016 at 2:06
  • @sv. They are yet to take place... They will take place after this Kaliyuga...
    – Tezz
    Commented May 9, 2016 at 2:07
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    @sv. It is a common practice of describing a future event in past tense in our scripture... It is so because when sages want to know about future,... by samadhi they go to future and become third person omnipresent at that place and of that event... so for them it is already happened... so they describe by past tense like "said", "went", etc...
    – Tezz
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    Well, re: Kalki, Sage Markandeya in MB talks in future tense and Sage Parashara in VP also talks in future tense. Commented May 9, 2016 at 2:53
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    @sv. Text 8 suta uvdca srnudhvam idam dkhyanam bhavisyam paramadbhutam kathitam brahmand purvam ndradaya viprcchate Suta GosvamI said: Please listen attentively as I describe wonderful pastimes of the Lord that will be revealed at a future time. These transcendental pastimes were previously glorified by Lord Brahma, who was born from the universal lotus flower, when he was> requested to speak by the great sage, Narada
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