The slokha is

"Avasyam anubhogthavyam kritham karma subha asubham; naa bhugtham ksheeyathe karma kalpa koti sathairapi"

Is it from vedas or puranas or any other text?

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The sloka is from Brahmavaivartha Purana. It exist in Prakriti Khanda and at multiple places.

  1. First there's verse 71 here: http://www.hinduscriptures.in/Content/Articles/PDFs/30831/77f_chapter_56_2.pdf

  2. Then there's verse 17 of this chapter: http://www.hinduscriptures.in/Content/Articles/PDFs/30776/77f_chapter_67.pdf

3.Then verse 56 of this chapter: http://www.hinduscriptures.in/Content/Articles/PDFs/30811/77f_chapter_89_1.pdf

  1. Then verse 39 here: http://www.hinduscriptures.in/Content/Articles/PDFs/30820/77f_chapter_95.pdf

Courtesy: Keshav Srinivasan


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