In hinduism, what things are to be considered for deciding correct match of bride and groom? Also what rituals and practices are needed to be done for the marriage?


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Regarding marriage ceremony (paNi grahana samskara) we have to refer to the specific grihya sutra of husband/wife or of the acharya who is performing it. The main points are given in short in the grihya sutras and detailed mantra procedure is given in karma kanda texts like Vivaha paddhati etc. Some of the important steps of Vedic marriage are :

Main (mukhya) Sankalpa

Swasti Vachanam

Kalasha Sthapana

Madhuparka vidhanam

Agni sthapanam

Jaya homam


laja homam


graha/surya/dhruva nirikshanam (star gazing)

Vamsha/gotra uccharanam


These are some of the steps of vedic marriage along with this kulachara (family customs) and deshachara (regional customs) could be done along with the vedic steps. Based on place, time and conditions some ceremonies can be modified.

Ref:Paraskara Grihya sutra

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