What are the ages of Radha and Krishna when they were in love with each other while both are not get separated?


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According to the followers of Rupa Goswami, a form of Krishna (known as Nandanandana Krishna) eternally resides in Goloka Vrindavana with His associates such as Radha. Pastimes like the killing of asuras, speaking of the Gita, marriages with the queens of Dwarka, etc. do not take place here.

vṛndāvanaṁ parityajya (leaving Vrindavan) padam ekaṁ (a step) na gacchati (He does not go) (Laghu-bhāgavatāmṛta 1.5.461).

Their eternal ages

Rupa Goswami, Kavi Karnapura, Krishnadas Kaviraj, and others have described the unchanging age of Radha Krishna (as well as Their eternal associates) in the spiritual world.

The eternal age of Krishna: ![enter image description here

The eternal age of Radha: enter image description here


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