Pranayama is a Nitya-karma daily activity (Kumbhaka pranayam is used in Sandhyavandana) and is major part of yoga and Hinduism. What are benefits of pranayama both medicinal and spiritual aspects.


There are a lot of benefits of Pranayama.It is a part of Astangik Yoga and is beneficial for the both medicinal and spiritual aspects.It is divided into three parts :-

  • Puraka---------------------------Puraka means to inhale.
  • Kumbhaka-------------------------Kumbhaka means to retain the breath.
  • Rechaka------------------------- Rechaka means to exhale.

  • Sprituals Benefits of Pranayama

    According to Panchsikhacharya :


    There is no other tenacity greater than Pranayama, the scum of mind is erased by it and then light of knowledge becomes visible.

    The Pranayama clears the scum of mind and body same as we use fire to clear the scum of metals like gold.

    Another benefit of Pranayama is stability of mind and ability to continue further in Astangik Yoga.

    Medicinal Benefits of Pranayama

    • Reduces the frequency of breath or breathing rate.It reduces breathing rate from 15th breaths a minute to 6-7 breaths a minute.

    • Slow down heart rate

    • Reduced wear and tear of internal organs
    • Help lowering the blood-pressure
    • Reduces the effects of old-age problem like headaches,stiffening muscles and joints and various others.

    Here is the power of pranayama yoga:

    Pranayama is the best method for suffering humanity to overcome diseases, conquer fear, overcome nervousness or despondency. It opens the door of Blessed Peace, it gives hope to the hopeless, power to the poor, faith to the faithless. There is no other way to control the mind, as mind is nothing without desire or thought; desires and thoughts are nothing without Prana.


    The main benefit of pranayama is Self Control. Control of breath is nothing but the control of mind and vice-versa. When you are in tension, your mind is not in stable also your breath as well. Same way, when your mind is stable you will have good and stable breath. Most important thing is it works.

    Another major benefit is energy. Once you start practising pranayama, you will become highly energytic.

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