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I am trying to understand the difference between Jeevatma and paramatma. I have gone through several articles but still not clear.I have read the explanation here - What is difference between Aatma, Jeevatma and Paramatma?. I have listened to the teachings of Ramanamaharshi too. This is what I have understood and here is my question:

Paramata and jivatma both exist inside the physical body. Paramatma is lord Krishna himself. Jivatma is the individual self which undergoes the effects of karma but not the paramatma.

My question is:

Is the Jeevatma eternal just like Paramatma? When did it come to existence? Is Jeevatma a small particle light broken from paramatma?

Is a self realized person able to see Jeevatma and Paramatma during meditation?

Knowing the self means knowing the Jeevatma or knowing the Paramatma ?

Does the Jeevatma merge inside Paramatma at some point?

Please help me understand these and point me to a right source

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