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What is the origin of humans in Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma? [duplicate]

What is the origin of humans in Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma? Hinduism is not based on stories or myths. Its other way around here. The facts are being told as stories and mean heads misinterpret it ...
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Who is the first man or woman born in this yuga or in any other yuga? [duplicate]

Regular process is mother will give birth to new baby. Then who is the first man or woman born in this yuga or in any other yuga? How were those first persons born? Were they born as babies or ...
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Origin of Humans in Hinduism [duplicate]

Different cultures/religion give a different story on the origin of Humans. Christianity speaks about Adam being the first human. Greek mythology says Zeus created first human in his form. Is there ...
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Did the Mahabharata and the Ramayana happen in the current Yuga cycle in the current Manvantara?

The Mahabharata war has been given a date of around 3300 BC by back-tracing planetary positions from scriptural references (archeo-astronomy). The Ramayana is speculated to be anywhere between a few ...
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What are some scientific facts described in Hindu scriptures? [closed]

Bṛhat samhita- chapter 35 (6th century CE) describes the formation of a rainbow. This was later proposed by Sir Issac Newton nearly after 11 centuries. The verse is as follows. सूर्यस्य विवधवर्णाः ...
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How many Manus have been there?

Before coming to this site, I only knew of one King Manu who was chosen by Lord Vishnu's Matsya avatar to save some of the different type of species to start the life again after the Pralaya. But ...
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Scriptural authority for conversion of non-Hindus

Taking into consideration the birth based practice of Varnashrama prevailing for a couple of millennia, kindly give a clear scriptural sanction/ permission from the ultimate— apaurusheya Vedas, ...
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Why are there so few countries at present where Hinduism is alive?

If Sri Ram and Dharam Raj Yudhishthir were Chakravarti Samrats and whole world followed Sanatan Dharma, does that mean people all over earth people followed caste system? How come we have Hinduism ...
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Status of world during first time lord came to create souls? [duplicate]

If souls are situated in material bodies(Bhramana,Kstriya,Vasiya,Sudra,Animals,Rakshas,Asuras,etc) ,then in the beginning of the universe the souls will have their first birth and will have no karma ...
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Two birds in a tree

At the beginning of chapter 3 of the Mundaka Upanishad, "Two birds of the same kind and inseparable as friends, cling to the same tree." What exactly do these two birds represent?
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