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Who is the author of Tantra sastras? [duplicate]

Who is the author of Tantra Sastras (if only one)? If there are multiple authors, then what are the names of them?
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What are nigamas, agamas, tantras and yamalas? [duplicate]

How is any scripture classified as nigamas, agamas, tantras and yamalas? What is the origin of each? Where can I find them online?
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What is tantra yoga? [duplicate]

I don't think this yoga was mentioned in bhagavad gita, does it have any origin in the vedas? This yoga is mostly associated with Shiva. It seems to me that there are at least two parts of hindu ...
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How did the Vedas in Hinduism come into existence?

Who wrote the Vedas and why? How did the Vedas exist since their inception? Where can we read the Vedas?
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What is difference between Shruti and Smriti?

The Hindu texts are classified in Shruti (श्रुति) and Smriti (स्मृति). I want to know: What is the difference between Shruti and Smriti? What scriptures are included in Shruti & in Smriti?
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How to read Hindu Scriptures.?

Ok, I understand there are lot of Hindu scriptures. How to read them? I wish to read them for.: meditation to gain wisdom/knowledge raise positive vibrational energy but most importantly break out ...
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How has Lord Vishnu's understanding developed and what was his role initially?

I've recently come by an excellent research on how the understanding of Shiva has been evolving through the ages and I wonder whether such a research has been made with respect to Vishnu. The book I ...
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Is there a Darshana/Philosophy based on Agamas?

We know that Hindu philosophy refers to Shad Darshana viz. Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimansa and Vedanta. These Darshan/philosophies are based on various Darshan Sutras witten by Rishis. The ...
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Looking to learn about Hinduism?

I'm an American and a Christian, and I don't know a lot about it but I think Hinduism just seems really beautiful and intriguing. I've heard of Hindu Atheists and one person told me it's more a way of ...
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Superiority of Japa Yoga

Is japa (sincere and unselfish prayer) superior to all other spiritual activities? Does it hold good for all Yugas or just in Kali Yuga ? Is there any Vedic injunction regarding the superiority of ...
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Is it necessary to worship of idols (ie. Lord Shiva's or Hanuman"s Idol) ? Can one worship of The God without idols?

Can one worship of The God without idols? already written in vedas as na tasya pratimā asti yasya nāma mahadyaśaḥ ।
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Was Vivekananda a proponent of birth-based caste-system or the guṇa-based? [closed]

What type of caste-system did Swami Vivekananda advocate? Birth-based or guṇa-based? And on what basis? If he believed one's varṇa is determined by their guṇa: Did he reject smṛtis such as Manu ...
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If we don't have a guru is it better not to read bhagavat gita or read it? [closed]

Bhagavat gita should be read under a guru's guidance for getting proper knowledge without misleading. All people cannot get a guru in practical as some are of low wealth and need to work almost 12 ...
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What are the benefits of Parad Shiva Linga?

Is it written in any Purana about the benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva in the Parad (mercury) Shiva linga form? If so, can someone pass on the excerpts from the purana. And also, can someone ...
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Do any commentators of Brahmasūtras other than Ādi Śaṅkarācārya disagree with both Pañcarātra and Śaiva Āgamas?

As I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedānta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sūtras, a work by the sage Vyāsa ...
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