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Is Lord Shiva dark in complexion?

We know that the complexion of Lord Vishnu / Krishna is dark (shyam varna) but what is the complexion of Lord Shiva, dark or white?
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What is the Vedic Origin of Lord Shiva?

I am learning about Mount Kailash (Lord Shiva's abode). Somewhere I read that before people came to India from Central Asia (bringing Vedas, Hinduism, etc), the natives in Indian subcontinent ...
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Is it true that Lord Shiva's description is different in Vedas?

The description of Lord shiva is holder of Trishul and damaru, holder of pinaka bow, Ganga flowing from his head, having a moon on head, having snake in his neck,having 3 eyes,having body covered by ...
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Origins of God names - Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu

Who gave the names to the God like Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu, etc.? Are they the writers of the Vedas? Did they ask the god to name them like this so that people can worship them by that name or the god ...
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How Rudra became Shiva in Vedas?

There are four parts of Vedas; Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads. Among these Samhita are those parts which are directly revealed to the seers. ie. They are always eternal syllable by ...
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Who is Vratya mentioned in the Atharva Veda?

The Atharva Veda Book 15 mentions about Vratya who created this universe and roused Prajapati/Brahma to action. So, is the Vratya described Lord Shiva as 15:1 says he becomes Mahadev Or is it a ...
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Is it true Mahamrityunjaya mantra is not dedicated to Lord Shiva?

I have found a lot of guys claiming over here, Maha Mrtyunjay Mantra is not dedicated to Lord Shiva. Is it true? I mean, are there any evidences from scriptures which clearly say the Mantra is for ...
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What is the meaning behind Shiva with 26 heads and 52 hands?

I was wondering what the meaning is behind Shiva's 26 heads and 52 hands in a temple in Tamil Nadu? I have never seen him in this form before.
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If Shiva Linga is worshiped in all yugas then what curse did Rishi Bhrigu give to Lord Shiva?

EXPLANATION : Shivalinga is said to be the Formless Brahman and is worshiped from the beginning. There is also a story of Bhirgu rishi cursing Lord Shiva when he visited Kailash. It was misunderstood ...
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Is Lord Shiva clearly noted as Prathama Purusha in any Veda?

Is it true that Shiva is clearly noted as "Prathama Purusha" in any veda? If yes, please give me the references of it. I need the Sree rudra suktam reference from agniveer foundation veda pdfs.
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Correct way to chant Lord Shiva's name

When people recite Lord Shiva's name, they often do it in couplets, such as 'Shiva Shiva', 'Shiva Shiva', etc. My question is: What is the correct pronunciation: "Shiva" - or - "Siva"? I know ...
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Who eliminated Manmatha - Lord Indra?

The story available in Puranas about incineration (burning) of Manmatha (God of Kaama) by Lord Siva is as follows: Indra and the gods are suffering at the hands of the demon Tarakasur, who cannot be ...
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Why Lord shiva is the most powerful GOD? [closed]

Why Lord shiva is the most powerful GOD?
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How is the name Shiva connected with the ruling aspect of the Supreme Lord?

Lord Shiva is called by many names and the name 'Shiva' is one of the most popular names! The names Maheswara, Parameswara, Ishana, Isha, Pashupati, etc denote that Lord is Ruler due to these names ...
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when is the Trimurti referred to first?

The concept of Brahma as Creator, Vishnu as preserver and Siva as destroyer seems to be a Puranic concept. By definition Trimurti cannot appear in Rig Veda since Siva as a God's name does not appear ...
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