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How is the calculation of papa and punya is being done [duplicate]

How Dharma, Adharma and Papa , Punya calculation is done? Why a person doesn't get his results of karma immediately?
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How karma works in Hindu philosophy? [duplicate]

One thing I'm a bit confused about: Hinduism says we must escape the cycle of birth and death and attain moksha. But how are we to do this and how is this related to karma? If my actions are very ...
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What exactly is Karma? [duplicate]

Till now, I just had an idea like karma is meant but the work you do. But in the comment section of the question
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What is the actual definition for karma in Hinduism? [duplicate]

Karma as in all actions of a person. Actions of our own thoughts and physical or body. Just queries what could be the actual meaning of karma according to Hinduism.
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Does the karma from the previous life affect the current life?

I was reading this post recently where @jabahar explains about Are people always reborn as people? where user answers as — Depending upon karma a jivatma (spirit) may reborn in the body of ...
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Who records Karma of all living beings?

There are three types of Karma namely Agami Karma, Sanchita Karma and Prarabdha karma. Among these, Agami Karma means our current actions; Sanchita Karma means our actions in the past lives which are ...
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Punishment for sins or rewards for good deeds in previous births, but how do we know?

I have heard that, normally, as we go on committing sins, we earn ourselves multiple births, sometimes as humans and other times as other living beings. But say someone is born as some being other ...
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How is the law of karma valid when so many people from wealthy houses are unethical but to be born in those houses requires good karma?

Growing up in school I would see bullies. Many of these bullies would be spoiled kids of rich parents. In fact, I've seen this trend where the more rich and affluent a family the more spoiled and ...
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How can one reverse the impression of a karma knowing that it is wrong?

Being a Hindu, we are all aware that all karma eventually gets back to us. If we perform a negative karma, sooner or later the negative effects of our earlier karma will catch us up. In addition, we ...
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What is the Karma and what karma a human should do to be a perfect?

i want to know about the real Karma of human being in this kaliyug. when is someone called a perfect and pure person? my doubt is what should be a main goal of human being? how can i satisfy with my ...
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Why many good people suffer during death? [duplicate]

Lord jesus, pitamah bhisma (mahapurush), our freedom fighters, army officers, many leaders in the history, many warrior in the past war, ........ - had death by tremendous suffering. NOW, the ...
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What is karma as described in the Upanishads and in Mahabharata?

To my understanding karma is what you get when you don't do dharma. I want to understand this with the example of Krishna, the very embodiment of dharma. What did he do to get such seemingly bad karma,...
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