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Why did Brahma create Universe? [duplicate]

We all know that Brahma is the creator of Universe and this is why Universe is also called as Bramhand(universe). But why has he created Bramhand? What was the purpose behind?
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Some questions about Brahman [duplicate]

I recently became very interested in Hindu mythology and would love to hear from well-read individuals who really have a thorough understanding of the Vedas. I have just 2 questions for now: 1) Why ...
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What's the purpose of creation of the universe? [duplicate]

According to Hinduism - 1.What's the purpose of creation of the universe? Why god created humans? What's the purpose? Why did he create humans to be highly intelligent and animals not so much? Why ...
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What is origin, purpose and future of whole system of everything so called known and so called unknown? [duplicate]

What is the purpose, origin and future of existence of whole of everything or the whole system that include everything e.g. me, you, animals, trees, planets, viruses, bacteria,stars, galaxies and all ...
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How the universe was created?

I always think what was the start. How it started? Who was the creator? Who created god? Who created the creator? Where did the solid material, to create planets, came from? Can anybody explain me ...
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What is the duration (Timeline) of the four "Yugas"?

What is the duration (timeline) of the four Yugas in Hindu cosmology?
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According to ShankarAchArya in Advaita, is the universe "unreal" or "unworthy"?

Recently I came across one of the key quote, which sums up Adi ShankarAchArya's Advaita philosophy: The Brahman of the Upanishads is the only Reality, and everything else—this world of manifoldness—...
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Is Maya superior to Brahman as per Advaita philosophy?

As per Advaita school of Vedanta; living entity is identical to supreme brahman. Advaitins generally interpret 'Aham Brahmasmi' as 'I'm supreme Brahman'(please correct me if i'm wrong). We are ...
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What is the source of creation according to Upanishads?

There are many Upanishads. I just want to know: What is the source of creation according to Upanishads? What is exactly written on the scriptures?
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Why does the Universe exist?

If I am Brahman as Shankara states: I am other than name, form and action. My nature is ever free! I am Self, the supreme unconditioned Brahman. I am pure Awareness, always non-dual. — Adi ...
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How Universe has No beginning?

Universe has No end can be understood but No beginning cannot be understood There should be a definite point that the Lord Started this process and it should work forever. Anything cannot start itself ...
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How did this world got manifested as per Vedas? [duplicate]

According to Puranas, the world is created/manifested as per respective supreme deities. Also different sects have different philosophies. But my question is, how did this universe manifested as per ...
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Why we are here [duplicate]

In this world everything temporary, not only things, human beings, other beings but also world itself, why do we born and die, die and born. What's this universal structure, why this entire ...
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