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Is there any dharma Shastra that we can use now? [duplicate]

Is there any dharma Shastra that we can you in mordern days like these days?
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Regulative principles for sex life

In the Bhagavad Gita 7.11 Krsna says according the translation of His Divine Grace Swami Prabhupada: ... I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles ... I think many people ...
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As a Hindu, can I feed other people beef?

I am a volunteer who helps feed elderly and disabled people. They choose their meal from the cafeteria, and I feed it to them. My role (which I recently began) has led me to a dilemma. As a Hindu, I ...
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What is dharma for Mlecchas according to Hinduism?

Dharma is eternal and fixed. Each varna in Hinduism has its own dharma, which is defined by the Vedas. What is the dharma for Mlecchas?
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Is it permissible to deny the authority of Manusmriti?

Is it permissible to deny the authority of Manusmriti considering that all the four major schools of Hinduism(Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism and Smarta tradition) only consider Vedas and Upanishads ...
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Which Shastras are more authoritative,the Smritis(Dharma Shastras) or the Puranas?

In Hindu Dharma the Vedas,Upanishads,6 Vedangas,Smritis(or the Dharma Shastras),Puranas and the Itihasas(Ramayana and Mahabhartha) are usually together called the Shastras or Scriptures. Among them, ...
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On use of contraceptive methods and enjoying sex-life without being kandarpa

Kandarpa is a person who only uses his sexual power to beget good children from his dharmapatni or wife. So for being a kandarpa, a person can only have sexual contact with his wife for having ...
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What are the capabilities & incapabilities of Kaliyuga people comparing to people of other Yugas

Intellectual, psychical, physical, psychological, physiological, mental & spiritual comparisons.
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in which sect of hinduism manusmriti is canonical text?

Vedanta canonical text is prasthantrayi consisting of Upanishads,Gita , Brahma Sutra Sri vidya authoritative/canonical scriptures are Jyanarnava Tantra, Vamakeswara Tantram, Sri Krama, Dkashinamurty ...
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Following the exact Religious facts

Recommended facts to follow thing like "on Saturday do not cut your hair and nails" there are different people with different views. What is the exact thing which we should refer and follow. ...
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Is it a sin to alter or tamper with scriptures?

If a person interpolates scriptures with a good intent e.g., by replacing offending/controversial words/verses that are not current with the times, but doesn't disclose the modifications to maintain ...
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Can a person of one caste have friends of another caste?

Is this allowed? Do the hindu texts speak anything about this? Can a person of one caste have friends who are of a different caste?
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How much Dharma Sastras can be applied in practical life? [closed]

Often there is a conflict between Dharma Sastras and the laws of the lands. So, how can these verses to be treated ?
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The source of the saying Smruthi changes with time?

I have heard this so many times by the word of mouth and read it many times, from sources I can't remember, that Shruthi remains constant but Smruthi changes with time. What is the source of this? ...
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