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Shape form of other God? [duplicate]

Shape form of Shiva is like linga.. is there any such, non-human form of representation... like a shape form for other Gods.. like Vishnu, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Brahma..etc.. God - Non-Human form of ...
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Is Shalagram worship forbidden to non-Brahmins?

According to my parents, Shalagrama worship is forbidden to non-Brahmins. Is this true? There is also a possibility that people who are not initiated with the Yajnopavita are forbidden to worship ...
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Why don't we do complete 'Pradaxina' (Circumambulation) of Shivalingam?

Why don't we do complete Pradaxina of lord Shiva - Shivalingam? In a Shiva temple from a panditjee over there I've heard that we can't do complete Pradaxina of Shivalingam because he is ...
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What is the reason behind ShaligrAma worship?

One of the important worship forms of the Vaishnava are ShaligrAmas. But I am asking this question because they are not normal stones which are used for idols. Actually, these are the fossilized ...
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is the tradition of invoking Ganesa at the beginning of pujas and undertakings in real life known in North India also?

sects that reject Siva and deities related to him are excluded of course. The serial on Ganesa running right now says Siva's first attempt to fight the tripurasuras failed because he didn't invoke ...
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Do Scriptures confirm about the "Swayambhu" nature of Shalagramas and Banalingas?

One can refer to this related question to know which are the 5 "Swayambhu Silas" or what is meant by a "Swayambhu Sila". Hindus believe that Gods are present(naturally,without any human interventions)...
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How do Vaishnavas interpret this verse from Padma Purana which seems to supports system of worship of five deities?

I found the following verse in Padma Purana, Uttara-Khanda in Karttika Mahatmya wherein Lord Krishna speaks to Satyabhama: saivah sauras ca ganesa vaishnavah sakti-pujakah | mam eva ...
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What all sects were followed before 'Hinduism' arose?

I know of Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism only. Please increase my knowledge by listing all the sects which existed before 'Hinduism' arose, and who were their Chief Gods/ Goddesses. I am aware that ...
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Are there devotional objects for worship of Lord Vishnu (comparable to the shivling used for worshipping Lord Shiva)?

For Lord Shiva, there are shivlings/lingam that people use for devotional worship. Are there any comparable devotional objects that many people use to worship Lord Vishnu, or objects that represent ...
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What are symbols for worshipping Goddess Sarasvati, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Brahma of the trinity pantheon?

It is often said that when there was a feud/ struggle for Swarga between deisms (led by Lord Indra) and devils(led by Jalandhar) the deisms were unable to assassinate Jalandhar due to piousness of her ...
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