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A Comprehensive book on Hinduism [duplicate]

Of course when one finds it necessary to know about one religion, the first books or valid references they would be offered, are each religion's number one book! (Quran, Bible, etc), but what about ...
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What is the correct order for reading shastras? [duplicate]

There are lots of shastras in hinduism. Mahapurans and Upapurans, lots of geetas, dharma shastras, shad darshan, agamas, upanishads and vedas. Please tell the correct order to read them to grasp it in ...
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What should be order of reading Hindu scriptures and texts for understanding Soul, God, Karm, Moksha and purpose of creation? [duplicate]

I do want to understand fundamental concepts like Soul, God, Karm, Moksh and of course purpose of this life or creation that include everything at more deeper and detailed level. I guess main sources ...
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Difference Between Puran vs Granth [duplicate]

What is the Difference Between Puran and Veda? Vedas give importance to yagna, and mantras and their chief gods are Indra Agni and Rudra. A granth is an old scripture. Vedas Puranas Upanishads are ...
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Roadmap to learning Hinduism? [duplicate]

I am a Hindu, however, I do not feel as though I understand my religion. I pray, go to the temple, follow religious rules, etc., but I don't understand why I do it. It feels very un-genuine that I am "...
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What should I read, Where should I start, and in What sequence - when reading Hindu religious books? [duplicate]

I am a beginner of reading Hindu religious book. I have basic knowledge of Hindu religion, thought I also know that this religion is very vast and I want to expand my knowledge on this subject. Can ...
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Rules for Reading scriptures [duplicate]

I am very much intrested in reading every hindu mythology scriptures. I know that in my life time it may not be possible. But would like to cover as many as possible. My daily schedule is very busy. ...
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How should I start learning vedas? [duplicate]

How should I start learning Vedas? Any advice on books (with proper explanation of text) to choose will be helpful as I am a novice.
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How should I start to learn everything about Sanaatan (Hindu) Dharma and Sanaatan (Hindu) Pauranika stories? [duplicate]

I want to know the sequence of reading Sanaatani (Hindu) scriptures to know everything about Sanaatan (Hindu) Dharma. I've heard that translated books often contain misinterpretations and opinions ...
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How to Start with learning Hindu Sastra and Vedas? [duplicate]

I am a 28 years, Madhwa Brahmin working as Software Engineer. I was an atheist during most part of my life. But recently I have got strong interest and belief in learning Hindu Sastra and Vedas. Could ...
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What all to read and which way? [duplicate]

There are so many stories, books and puranas in Mythologies and I am not sure what to read and how in which sequences. Example I started Bhagwat Gita but honestly i lost completely. So it seems i am ...
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Guidance to read and understand Hinduism [duplicate]

I have keen interest in Hinduism and I want to read all the vedas and upnishads. So I have some questions to start : Best resource to teach myself sanskrit so that I can understand vedas and ...
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I am interested in reading ved and upnishad, but dont know from were ti start from? [duplicate]

I have some ebook ved and upnishad, from were to strart reading?
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How did the Vedas in Hinduism come into existence?

Who wrote the Vedas and why? How did the Vedas exist since their inception? Where can we read the Vedas?
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How to start reading Bhagavad Gita?

I always wanted to read Bhagavad Gita but didn't get time. Recently one of my friend suggested to read it. I have the following questions: Can anybody suggest me how to get started with Bhagavad ...
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