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What is the purpose of the caste system? How has it changed?

I understand there is a caste system on the basis of occupation. What is the reason for having such a classification system? Has the original concept stayed the same or has it evolved over time (if ...
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Any references where varna/caste is determined independent of birth/parentage?

Is there any incidence or statement in the scriptures which shows that varna/caste was not deduced from birth/parentage, and was deduced only from "qualities independent of parentage"(without ...
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If a brahmin has qualities of sudra should he be prohibited from duties of a brahmin?

EXPLANATION : A brahmin is considered to be of Purity(Sattva guna) and Sudra of Impurity(Tamas guna). Both Brahmin and Sudra position are given to a person who is Born in that varnas(Brahmin Varna , ...
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If a Brahmin doesn't perform duties as per his varna, is he still called as brahmin?

Normal duties of Brahmana varna are waking up early morning, learning and chanting Vedas, etc, But if a Brahmin doesn't perform these duties, is he still respected like other brahmins who perform ...
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Is it permissible to deny the authority of Manusmriti?

Is it permissible to deny the authority of Manusmriti considering that all the four major schools of Hinduism(Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism and Smarta tradition) only consider Vedas and Upanishads ...
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Why do sanyasa scriptures degrade women?

I found many anti-women verses in "so called" Sanyasa-upanishads. I am disappointed to see such hatred and prejudice towards women. Women are compared with objects, animals and what not ! ...
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Which is right varna based on birth or varna based on Guna and karma?

Which is right varna is based on birth or varna is based On guna and karma ? In view of advaita followers The kamakoti peetham tell that varNa is by guNa but guNa is by birth But vaishanvas tells that ...
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Does not performing the Garbhadana samskara result in Sudra progeny?

In Hinduism the Samskaras or the purificatory rituals (like Garbhadana,Upanyana etc) play pivotal role. The complete list of such Samskaras are as given below : Garbhaadaana Pumsavana ...
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What is the criteria for being a dvija? Is anyone who has undergone upanayana a dvija?

Nowadays only the Brahmin caste undergoes upanayana. For example, we are Kshatriya Varna (by birth) but we have not undergone upnayana. Question- Is anyone who has not undergone the upanayana ...
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Can the Guna-Karma classification of the Varna system be translated into profession?

What is the Varna of: an engineer a singer a doctor I have chosen a few random samples to understand the Varna system better. How would these be classified as - Brahmin, Vaishya, Sudra and Kshatriya?...
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Deadlock in Sankara's views?

In Sankara's Manīṣā panchakam we find the following excerpt - If a person has attained the firm knowledge that he is not an object of perception, but is that pure consciousness which shines clearly ...
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How Varna System being based on Guna works?

Varna System was based on Guna. This sounds so nice but how we can classify people based on Guna because ... Varna are only 4 and the number of Guna or combination of Gunas can be infinite as it's ...
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Vedic verses connecting Gunas and Varnas

Are there any verses in the Vedas, CLEARLY connecting Gunas with Varnas? Let me clarify what I am looking for. I am looking for verses that define; A particular Guna or a combination of particular ...
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Is the practice of Gayatri Parivar allowing everyone to undergo Upanayana (Janaeu) ceremony adharmika?

It's a well-known fact about the Gayatri Parivar's stance on allowing everyone (including married women, non-Hindus, and Śhūdras, etc.) to undergo the sacred thread ceremony (Upanayana or Yagnopavita ...
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Identifying Varnas based on scriptural sources

I understand Vedas talk of four varnas — Brahmana, Vysya, Kshatriya and Sudra. I have seen arguments saying it's a classification based on Karma, Guna, Birth etc. Some say birth is of most importance, ...
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