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Is there a concept of parallel universes in Hinduism? [duplicate]

According to what I know, Hindu texts have always focused on cyclic nature of universe. But have only mentioned this one universe only and that it will be created and get destroyed over and over again....
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Are there any references to Gravity in Hindu Scriptures?

Are there any references to Gravity or any fundamental forces in Hindu Scriptures viz. Vedas, Upanishands and Puranas or any Scientific Vedic Scriptures?
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Are there other Brahmas and universes?

Lord Brahma is said to be the creator of Earth but what about other planets? Who created them? I have heard that for every planet there is a creator like Brahma. I have also seen an incident in Shri ...
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Do Hindus believe in Adam and Eve? If not, who is the first person (man or woman) in this world?

Does any Hindu scripture mention anything about Adam and Eve? According to Hinduism, who is the first person (man or woman) in this world?
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What is the shape of Earth according to Hindu scriptures?

What is the shape of Earth according to Hindu scriptures? It is widely believed that the round shape of Earth was known for a long time. Although, is this mentioned at any specific place?
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How much earth year passes in 1 second of Brahmaloka?

Every religious book, Vedas and Purans , units of distances such as Yojana have been tried to be converted in English in modern age. In Such Situation How much is the 1 second of Brahmaloka on earth ...
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On what basis is a soul born as male or female?

From this question Does a soul have any gender? it is known that soul doesn't have any gender. But when a child is born from mother's womb it does have a gender (male, female, or neuter). So, why is a ...
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What are the main differences between Valmiki Ramayana and Ram Charit Manas

Valmiki Ramayana and Tulsidasa's Ram Charit Manas are 2 books containing the story of life of Lord Rama and other sub stories. While Valmiki Ramayana is considered to be the original source of Lord ...
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The speed of light - Taittirya Brahmana of the Yajurveda

This research paper, The Speed of Light and Puranic Cosmology, by Subash Kak discusses the various notions of distance between places and also the speed of Sun, light etc. It mentions that the speed ...
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Where does Rig Veda states about Cyclical Nature of Creation?

It is a common belief in Hinduism that the nature of creation is cyclic. Continuous creation and destruction happens in certain intervals of time. Most of such ideas are found in Puranas and also in ...
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Mystery of Ancient Hindu Temples?

Our Ancients built Hindu Temples in a Straight line (From Kedarnath to Rameswaram - all are Lord Shiva temples), at that time without having proper Maps and Satellite's how can they built in straight ...
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What are some of the most logical and rational Hindu text?

I am interested in old texts which uses rationale and logical arguments only to reach to conclusion or prove some axiom. Are there such text which can be rightfully called logical treatises, ...
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Where do Vedas state Universe being a projection in space-time?

Vedas state about Cyclic nature of time as discussed in answer here. But are there any statement in Vedas which state about Universe being projected as space-time ? As a sidenote, Adi Shankaracharya ...
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What does this verse of SB say about Multiverse?

Lord Śiva said: My dear son, I, Lord Brahmā and the other devas, who move within this universe under the misconception of our greatness, cannot exhibit any power to compete with the Supreme ...
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Why should i believe in vedas? Any scientific proof for the same? [duplicate]

Someone who has read Vedas, please answer these questions to strengthen the belief of any person in Vedas. Is there anything written in Vedas which seems to be non-evident to common sense/is ...
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